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Newest digital tools from Amann Girrbach are patient oriented and enhance teamwork

With an expanding portfolio of digitised solutions such as AG.Live and DRS, Amann Girrbach supports dental practices and laboratories on their journey to a patient-oriented digital future. (Image: Amann Girrbach)
Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach

Mon. 23. August 2021


KOBLACH, Austria: Digitisation in the dental industry is unstoppable—it heralds change and, at the same time, offers unlimited potential. In addition to a number of innovations to its proven CAD/CAM products and materials, the company will focus on solutions for interdisciplinary cooperation between dental laboratories and dental practices at its IDS booth (#A010–B011 in Hall 3.2).

The main emphasis will lie on the AG.Live digital platform and the Ceramill Direct Restoration System (DRS) product family, which was launched in April. Through Ceramill DRS in combination with AG.Live, Amann Girrbach is extending the laboratory’s integrated digital workflow to dentists and enabling laboratories and practices to enjoy the benefits of same-day dentistry as a team.

More than the sum of its parts

Digital technology brings about enormous advantages, such as the simplification of process steps, reproducibility and a high degree of predictability. Making these advantages tangible for dental professionals is precisely the mission that Amann Girrbach has set itself. Now, after five years of development, the company has launched AG.Live, its largest digitisation offensive to date. AG.Live is a web-based portal for collaboration between laboratories and dentists, and it strives for perfection across the exhaustive digital services that it offers. For example, the platform is a central tool for digital case management, a networking, infrastructure and material management tool, and a support and knowledge database that will gradually replace the company’s previous customer portal, C3.

The AG.Live platform also networks machines and materials in the laboratory, thereby simplifying processes and increasing quality and reproducibility. The greatest advancement that the platform offers, however, is that it links together the growing global network of dental professionals who are operating digitally. This link bridges the interdisciplinary gap between dentists and dental technicians and facilitates future-oriented cooperation. Harnessing this network of new and optimised partnerships, dental participants can focus on their strengths and better position themselves on the market.

A free-of-charge online presentation about AG.Live can be viewed here.

Extending the digital Ceramill CAD/CAM workflow to the dentist

The interface of the Ceramill Direct Restoration System (DRS), with which Amann Girrbach extends the digital Ceramill CAD/CAM workflow to the dentist, is also provided by AG.Live. The Ceramill DRS Connection Kit server is the entry-level option, and it consists of the Ceramill Map DRS intra-oral scanner and appropriate scanning software, as well as the connection to AG.Live. Any order data, including all the required information, can therefore be shared seamlessly and in real time, as the practice and the laboratory are digitally linked via AG.Live. This permits same-day dentistry for simple restorations, including those using zirconia, owing to its use of the Ceramill DRS High-Speed Zirconia Kit. This is further supplemented by the Ceramill DRS Production Kit, which allows fabrication to be performed directly in the practice by the dentist. Here, the laboratory can assist the practice in terms of design, expertise, service and advice.

In total, this results in access to three Ceramill team workflows, depending on the kit equipment and the team constellation. Owing to the modular design of Amann Girrbach’s solutions, it is possible to begin working with the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit and to upgrade at a later time to the Ceramill DRS Production Kit. In addition, the Ceramill DRS system is fully integrated and all components are compatible with one another and originate from a single source. Thus, Amann Girrbach is able to take full responsibility for service, support and the final restoration. Availability of the individual kits can be requested from respective dental dealerships.

A free-of-charge online presentation about Ceramill DRS can be accessed here.


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