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“We aim to revolutionise the way people do self-care”

Steffen Müller at the Curaden booth (#D051) in Hall 5.2 at IDS. (Image: DTI)

COLOGNE, Germany: Steffen Müller is a managing director for the US and head of international sales at Curaden. At the 2023 International Dental Show (IDS), Dental Tribune International had the pleasure of speaking to him about the company’s presence at the event and its current and future focus.

Mr Müller, how is IDS going so far, and what are you most excited about at the event?
It is going very well so far. I am super excited that business is picking up after COVID-19. The last two days have been extremely successful for us. I am also very happy that we are slowly generating more attention with the Curaprox brand and seeing greater awareness among dental professionals.

What products are you showcasing at IDS?
We are presenting 24 oral healthcare products, covering everything from interdental brushes to our sonic toothbrush. We have a strong focus on the sonic toothbrush. It is not really new, but Curaprox as a brand is new in the industry. We only launched it a couple of years ago, and further establishing the Curaprox brand is definitely our focus at IDS and in the years to come.

What sets your products apart from others available on the market?
We have very clear positioning or differentiation from our competitors. Our products are highly accepted by both dental professionals and consumers, being very effective and non-traumatic. Let me explain using two examples: our toothbrushes provide a super gentle in-mouth experience, and our toothpastes contain no harmful ingredients.

Further establishing the Curaprox brand is definitely our focus at IDS

Curaden has recently entered into a collaboration with the International Team for Implantology (ITI). Could you tell us a bit about this? What was the idea behind it?
The ITI is a big player in the industry. Similar to Curaden, continuing education is important for the organisation. One of our key strategic imperatives is education, and that will be our joint focus for the next two years globally and here in Germany. With regard to implantology, what is really important is maintenance. That is what we will work on together, making for a great fit between the ITI and Curaprox.

What does the future look like for Curaden? What are some goals that the company will be working towards?
We aim to revolutionise the way people do self-care. Even though there have been many changes in the dental industry, we believe that we still need to do some more work to improve oral and overall health. We will pursue this by not only providing superior products but also—and importantly—driving education of dental professionals and consumers and at universities.

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