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Interview: EMS is looking to make dentists and patients smile

From left to right: Etienne Lebreton and Paolo Zanetti of EMS. (Photograph: Marc Chalupsky, DTI)
Marc Chalupsky, DTI

Marc Chalupsky, DTI

Fri. 24. March 2017


Swiss company EMS (Electro Medical Systems) is known as an innovative market leader in dental prophylaxis, with technologies such as AIR-FLOW and PIEZON demonstrating its commitment to quality. Dental Tribune Online caught up with General Manager Paolo Zanetti and Head of Marketing Etienne Lebreton of EMS to discuss some of the company’s latest developments on display at IDS 2017.

Dental Tribune Online: Visitors to IDS have been introduced to a game-changer in biofilm management at your stand: guided biofilm therapy (GBT). Please tell us more about it.
Paolo Zanetti: In order to be able to remove biofilm, we need to guide it—or see it. GBT gives clinicians the skills, motivation, education and products to do just that. The therapy is more predictable and increases motivation for recall and dental hygiene. It improves patient compliance. GBT is evidence-based and is reflected in a clear eight-step solution: diagnosis, disclosing, motivation, AIR-FLOW, PERIO-FLOW, PIEZON, control and recall.

This therapeutic approach is so important to us that we have launched a new campaign based on it with a new slogan: “Make me smile”. With GBT, we aim to put the patient at the centre of our mission to fight biofilm in the least invasive way possible and in accordance with European Federation of Periodontology guidelines. In addition, today, we can complement GBT with the perfect at-home solution thanks to our partnership with Philips. The Philips home care range, which includes Sonicare, offers additional benefits for our patients.

Do you recommend GBT for every type of treatment—hard tissue, soft tissue and implants?
Zanetti: Yes. We recommend GBT for caries prevention, implants, orthodontic patients, etc.; we are aiming to educate dental professionals to ensure that they can treat all of their patients according to GBT in their practices. The core of GBT lies in the removal of disclosed sub- and supragingival biofilm using AIR-FLOW and PIEZON.

How will EMS convince dentists and patients that this type of therapy is one that will effectively prevent the formation of caries and help maintain good periodontal health?
Zanetti: Education will be our ultimate success factor. This is why we are so proud of the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA), which is the vehicle by which we are educating users on how to perform GBT in the correct way. We are also honoured by the support received from clinicians and leading institutions.

What needs is EMS seeking to address with the new AIR-FLOW PROPHYLAXIS MASTER just launched today at IDS?
Zanetti: The AIR-FLOW PROPHYLAXIS MASTER is what I call the enabler for GBT. It is our latest platform that delivers the best of what AIR-FLOW and PIEZON technology can offer today. This product was designed, regarding the AIR-FLOW component, for example, to deliver a more targeted and efficient spray for improved performance and reduced powder consumption. Another key goal was to ensure additional comfort for both the dental professional and the patient: this is achieved through improved ergonomics and simplicity, with features such as the wireless foot pedal and the heated water spray for the PIEZON component.
Lebreton: Hygiene was also an important concern for us. The AIR-FLOW PROPHYLAXIS MASTER has a dedicated cleaning agent and is the only device that achieves complete disinfection of the water lines.

Regarding AIR-FLOW powder PLUS, what distinguishes this product from your competitors?
Lebreton: The size of classic periodontal powder particles is about 25–35 μ in diameter. The AIR-FLOW powder PLUS is the only erythritol-based powder with a diameter of 14 μ for more targeted removal of biofilm. It is universally safe, as it can be used full mouth on enamel, dentine, soft tissue, orthodontic appliances and all kinds of restorations. AIR-FLOW powder PLUS removes biofilm, cleaning and polishing at the same time supra- and subgingivally. It is a pillar of gold standard biofilm management.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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  1. Karolina Peggy Coloma Juárez says:

    Veo muy interesante este nuevo método de profilaxis dental, pero lamentablemente aún no llega a Perú. Espero que sea pronto. Gracias por compartir este artículo.

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