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The latest in 3-D endodontic experiences brought to you by FKG Dentaire

During IDS, FKG is hosting a number of workshops offering specialised training. (Photograph: Luke Gribble, DTI)
FKG Dentaire

FKG Dentaire

Thu. 14. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: Continuing in our mission to promote innovation and higher education in the field of endodontics, FKG Dentaire is pleased to bring our latest knowledge and training programmes to this year’s IDS.

FKG Dentaire is a global leader in endodontic solutions and at the forefront of innovation, development and manufacturing. FKG’s brand reputation is built on innovative, high-quality Swiss-made products, such as the industry-changing XP-endo 3D Solutions, introduced at IDS four years ago.

This paradigm shift in endodontic instrumentation features FKG’s exclusive Adaptive Core technology and integrates the application of the latest generation of NiTi alloys. FKG’s patented body temperature expansion capacity is unique to its total therapy system: XP-endo Solutions.

“In our pursuit of delivering the most complete system to the field of endodontics, we are introducing a new clinical sequence at IDS 2019 focused on more efficient retreatment solutions: XP-endo Retreatment,” said FKG President Thierry Rouiller.

FKG delivers a simpler, safer and complete endodontic solution to practitioners and patients, from initial treatment through to retreatment management. “We are dedicated to excellence and performance through our constant delivery of innovative solutions to the market. Our company is passionately committed to, and actively supports, higher education in endodontics worldwide,” explained FKG CEO Olivier Collet.

In addition to supporting a diversity of clinical research, frequently disseminated in numerous key international publications, FKG implemented ongoing courses from 2013 at the integrated training centres of its headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland and subsidiary in Dubai.

Ready to further expand your practice? The workshops organised throughout this week at the FKG booth are designed to offer specialised FKG training, allowing visitors to meet international speakers, key opinion leaders and industry specialists, as well as experience the instruments first-hand using our new FKG 3-D Tooth replica.

We are looking forward to sharing this unique 3-D endodontic experience with dentists and dental professionals alike utilising our XP-endo Solutions. Join us in Hall 4.2 at Booth J029–G028.

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