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Direct restorative therapy—efficiency is key

With Ivoclar’s state-of-the-art product portfolio, dental professionals can increase the efficiency of their workflow. (Image: Ivoclar)

Wed. 22. February 2023


SCHAAN, Liechtenstein: The products of Ivoclar’s direct restoratives portfolio convince users with their advanced technological properties. They improve the efficiency of direct restorative procedures and lead to high-quality aesthetic results. Dental professionals who would like to experience these and other efficiency-enhancing products from Ivoclar’s direct restoratives workflow first-hand are warmly invited to visit the company’s stand at IDS 2023.

Aesthetics, efficiency and quality are the focus of Ivoclar’s direct restorative workflow solution. The workflow is based on a complete restorative solution that offers coordinated products, for preparing and placing the restorative material and providing caries-preventive care, among others.

One of the workflow’s highlights is OptraGate, Ivoclar’s latex-free lip and cheek retractor. OptraGate is very comfortable for patients to wear and provides dentists with a good view of the treatment field. The retractor is useful in various clinical situations and facilitates dental hygiene care, resulting in relaxed and efficient treatment procedures.

The core components of Ivoclar’s workflow solution are its 3s PowerCure products. These products include Adhese Universal, a light-polymerised single-component adhesive that is suitable for all etching techniques. The adhesive is supplied in the innovative and user-friendly VivaPen, which offers up to four times more applications per millilitre of material than conventional bottles do. Thanks to the penlike design of the VivaPen, the adhesive can be applied quickly and effectively directly in the patient’s mouth.

Efficient posterior fillings are possible with the two composites Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow. These composites can be applied in increments of up to 4 mm in thickness and are designed to polymerise reliably with short exposure times, starting from 3 seconds. When using these with Adhese Universal in the VivaPen and the Bluephase PowerCure LED curing light, dentists can achieve time-savings of up to 51% in their direct restorative procedures. Despite the noticeable increase in efficiency when placing 4 mm restorations, there is no trade-off in terms of performance or aesthetic appearance.

The 3s PowerCure product portfolio is completed by the Bluephase PowerCure. This high-performance curing light is suitable for all current types of light-polymerised dental material. A uniform light intensity of up to 3,000 mW/cm2 ensures a reliable depth of polymerisation with short light exposure times. The Bluephase PowerCure is the first curing light with an intelligent polymerisation assistant that detects when the handpiece shifts out of position during polymerisation.

During the upcoming IDS, Ivoclar will be showcasing its products at Booths A010–C019, A011 and A020–C029 in Hall 11.3.

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