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Planmeca offers a comprehensive IoT solution for large clinics and clinic chains

Planmeca is presenting its Internet of things solution during IDS 2019. (Video: Planmeca)

Fri. 15. March 2019


HELSINKI, Finland: In order to manage a large dental clinic or a clinic chain effectively, one needs to gather extensive data and to have appropriate tools to access and analyse it. Planmeca has invented an Internet of things (IoT) solution based on device connectivity to ensure successful clinical, management and business intelligence processes in dental chains.

According to Planmeca, the company is the first manufacturer in dentistry to offer a comprehensive IoT solution to large clinics and clinic chains. All of Planmeca’s devices, including dental care units, imaging units and CAD/CAM devices, can be connected to the solution in order to collect valuable data. As a result, dental chains will be able to obtain real-time information regarding the operation of equipment and use that knowledge to better plan their clinic operations.

“What makes our solution special is that it provides unique hardware telemetry that can be combined with practice management data and other information generated in a dental chain,” explained Tuomas Lokki, Senior Vice President of Planmeca. “This more complete information provides unforeseen possibilities for business intelligence and analytics,” he added.

Planmeca’s IoT solution will allow large clinics and clinic chains to track patient chair time in order to see how much of an allocated time slot has been used for clinical work and obtain comprehensive statistics on instrument usage and evidence that the necessary protocols have been followed. The medical staff will also be able to analyse usage trends, develop a marketing plan accordingly and improve asset management and long-term planning.

“The future of dentistry will be driven by data. If you do not have data, you cannot perform analytics, so it is important that you invest in dental equipment that is capable of advanced data collection. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can start making better decisions based on gathered insights. Planmeca dental equipment has included network connectivity for more than a decade, a long time before IoT even became a talking point in the tech industry,” Lokki noted.

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