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SprintRay launches Protect a Smile campaign

As the need for occlusal splints continues to rise, SprintRay has launched a campaign that promotes the use of custom-made 3D-printed night guards for their effectiveness, accessibility and affordability. (Image: SprintRay)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 24. September 2021


LOS ANGELES, U.S.: SprintRay, a 3D printer manufacturer that focuses on digital dentistry, has recently launched a campaign that aims to help protect smiles from damage caused by stress-related parafunctional and physiological issues, including bruxism and tooth fractures. As the need for occlusal splints continues to rise, the company believes that dental practices should acquire an in-office 3D printer for quickly and efficiently producing low-cost, high-quality occlusal appliances and subsequently increasing not only practice profitability but also access to occlusal care.

In a world full of stress and anxiety brought about by the current geopolitical climate, it is now more important than ever to take care of one’s oral health. Since oral health conditions such as bruxism as well as temporomandibular joint disorders are on the rise, SprintRay has partnered with Keystone, a U.S. dental manufacturer, and designed a campaign to help educate patients on the benefits of custom-made 3D-printed occlusal guards. The company believes that printing occlusal guards in-house can greatly improve splint therapy and help simplify the treatment.

Occlusal health and 3D printing

The company has stated that conventional occlusal splint production can be cumbersome and costly. It requires additional time and effort, and replacing a lost occlusal splint means having to repeat the manufacturing process. In contrast, printing an occlusal splint digitally yields benefits such as reduced production costs, user-friendliness and efficiency. According to the company, by using a versatile 3D printer such as SprintRay Pro, dental professionals can print night guards and other dental models in-house in only a day. Together with other benefits, investing in a 3D printer can help maximize income and boost practice growth. More importantly, it can help improve access to treatment.

3D printing workflow with SprintRay Pro

According to SprintRay, its 3D-printed night guards allow patients maximum comfort at night. (Image: SprintRay)

SprintRay believes that acquiring the SprintRay Pro 3D printer is an excellent option for dental practices as it boasts a frictionless workflow. The printer allows for easy integration into the existing practice network as well as with other digital devices. Additionally, it has plug and play, intuitive handling and easy-to-use software, all of which make it relatively simple to operate.

The company noted that when using the SprintRay 3D printer and an intraoral scanner, users can quickly and effortlessly scan a digital impression, select an appropriate treatment plan using SprintRay’s cloud portal, and print same- or next-day occlusal guards at a reduced cost. Since choosing the right 3D material for the printer is also crucial, KeySplint Soft offers a resin that is durable and flexible and allows patients maximum comfort at night. According to the company, all of these features help simplify occlusal treatment, improve patient care and guarantee a return on investment in the years to come.

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