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Imagoworks propels digital dentistry into the AI era at IDS 2023

Imagoworks showcasing its digital solutions at the 2023 International Dental Show. (Image: DTI)


Wed. 15. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: After a large-scale update, Imagoworks, specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) digital dentistry, has newly released Dentbird Crown (formerly 3Dme Crown). This online AI-based automatic crown design software has been trained through deep learning of high-quality clinical big data. The company is showcasing Dentbird Crown at the 2023 International Dental Show (IDS).

The recent update focused on improving the shape of the crown based on high-quality training data. Various new features for enhanced usability and convenience were also added, including a modification feature, server expansion, interface improvement and CAM software interoperability. Users can now experience a faster and more intuitive crown design workflow than ever before.

Advanced AI modelling of crowns that can immediately be used in dental clinics

Compared with the previous version, Dentbird Crown proposes a more detailed and natural crown design. Additionally, the automatic margin detection is more precise, and the stability of abutment and tooth number detection has been greatly improved. The advanced Dentbird Crown proposes designs optimised for each patient, thereby significantly decreasing the manual work required and thus promoting work efficiency in dental clinics and laboratories. Notably, Dentbird can complete the design on the spot at a dental clinic that is supplied with a scanner.

The modification feature includes modification of internal parameters, size and shape. This allows users to customise their preferences so that crown production can be completed flawlessly even in difficult cases.

Furthermore, enhanced security with strengthened data transmission encryption and algorithms has been achieved. The user experience and interface designs have been notably improved for user convenience. Moreover, the immediate execution of the milling process without editing the axis or margin when exporting the designed file has added to the convenience when using CAM software.

Imagoworks plans to expand its solution with Dentbird Crown as a stepping stone

The updated and rebranded Dentbird Crown offers a more detailed and natural crown design compared with the previous version. (Image: Imagoworks)

Based on the extensive upgrade and rebranding, Imagoworks plans to expand its business to include implant crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and dentures. Additionally, Imagoworks aims to strengthen its cooperation with global dental enterprises such as Medit to achieve a fully integrated AI-driven digital dentistry workflow employing 3D scanners and processing equipment.

Youngjun Kim, CEO of Imagoworks, remarked: “Dentbird Crown is the result of the passion of our AI software experts who worked endlessly and sought advice from dentists and dental technicians.” He added: “We are excited to have improved the intuitive and automated workflow, from uploading scan data to crown design and CAM. Imagoworks will be very attentive to our users so that dental professionals around the world can provide more convenient and accurate treatment to patients.”

Editorial note:

Imagoworks’ Dentbird Crown is available at the 2023 International Dental Show in Hall 4.2 at Booth J019.

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