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Intelligent and simple: Neoss focuses on fewer implant components but high predictability

From left: Fredrik Engman, chief technology officer at Neoss; Rainer Woyna, marketing manager at Neoss; Dr Robert Gottlander, CEO of Neoss; Dr Marcus Dagnelid, a prosthodontist based in Sweden; and Matthias Flodin, vice president of global marketing at Neoss. (Image: Georg Isbaner/OEMUS MEDIA)

COLOGNE, Germany: Neoss, a Swedish implant manufacturer, is presenting its expanded implantology portfolio at this year’s IDS in Cologne. At the company’s press conference, the novel Neoss ProActive Edge implant and NeossONE were introduced and their benefits for patients and clinicians highlighted. In addition, the company spoke about its partnership with Purgo Biologics to expand its bone regeneration product line.

One of the newest additions to the company’s implant portfolio, the Neoss ProActive Edge implant features an innovative drilling protocol of only one to two drills. NeossONE is a solution for the Neoss Implant System, providing one prosthetic platform for three different implant ranges, including all diameters and abutments, and thereby allowing the same prosthetic components to fit every implant.

Commenting on the simplicity of NeossONE, Fredrik Engman, chief technology officer at Neoss, said: “With every new implant our competitors launch, they also launch a new implant and prosthetic set. I think this is fundamentally wrong.”

The ProActive Edge implant achieves high primary stability and can be used in all bone types. According to the company, the implant performed as well as or better than competitors’ products in studies, but more importantly, the Neoss product was more predictable.

Dr Robert Gottlander, who took over the position as CEO from Michael J. Dormer at the end of 2020, commented: “The combination of NeossONE and Neoss ProActive Edge is extremely effective and safe.”

The first product out of the Purgo Biologics partnership presented was THE Graft, a natural porous bone matrix that resembles the physical and chemical aspects of the mineralised matrix of human bone. In his presentation, Swedish prosthodontist Dr Marcus Dagnelid showed how he utilises THE Graft in his ridge preservation after tooth extraction procedures.

Commenting on the importance of the procedure and its benefits for patients, he said: “Ridge preservation decreases resorptive events that follow tooth loss and minimises the need for additional augmentation. Sinus elevation, for example, causes patients a lot of pain and swelling. The cost ratio is also important to mention. I like to show my skills in patients with complicated cases, but if I can prevent it, it’s even better for them. Ridge preservation is not that difficult to perform, and its clinical effectiveness has been proved. Therefore, I am really trying to push dentists towards this method,” said Dagnelid.

In 2021, Neoss has seen significant growth in sales and expansion into new business areas. In response to a question about his vision for the company, Gottlander said: “My vision for Neoss is that we will keep growing substantially in the coming years through partnerships and acquisitions.”

When asked what the Neoss “Intelligent Simplicity” philosophy means to him and why he decided to join the company, Gottlander replied: “Our philosophy is evident in the easy and uncomplicated use of our implant systems with as few components as possible, as well as their extremely predictable outcomes. That is something that is worthwhile being involved with.”

To experience the Neoss products first-hand, visitors to IDS are welcome to visit the company’s booth (#C10–D011) in Hall 2.2.

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