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Interview: On a mission to continue steep growth curve


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Michael Schwartz, International Director of Sales at SS White. (Photograph: Luke Gribble, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Tue. 12. March 2019


Only few companies can boast a corporate history with a bedrock of innovation that spans back to 1844. Celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, SS White Dental is a family-owned and US-based business with worldwide distribution, but the aim remains the same: create better products for better dentistry. Dental Tribune International spoke with SS White’s International Director of Sales, Michael Schwartz, about the company’s philosophy and how it sets SS White apart.

Mr Schwartz, what will SS White’s highlight product at IDS be? Do you have any new product launches planned to extend your portfolio?
We will continue to focus on our V-Taper endo file system and Great White Laboratory carbide burs, polishers and grinders, which has been successful for us in targeted markets to date. We are seeking the right partners for greater expansion into European (select countries), as well as other key markets across the globe.

IDS is undoubtedly one of the largest and most important trade shows in the dental world. What are your goals for 2019, and how do you intend to meet them?
I would like to focus on our primary goal at IDS, which are face-to-face meetings with specialty endo dealers to open up new markets with our V-Taper endo file system in order to continue our steep growth curve. We have a successful model with a high conversion rate, which requires like-minded dealers who feature the SS White patented technology, understand the value of minimally invasive treatment and have comprehensive sales and marketing plans, including hands-on courses as part of their company DNA.

You said that SS White wants to open up new markets with endodontic products. In this large and competitive field, what sets SS White apart from other companies with the same intentions?
The case we make is actually quite simple. We have patented technology that allows dentists to perform the same procedure with significantly less removal of the patient’s tooth structure. When dentists see the side-by-side illustrations or videos of the minimally invasive approach, most agree that the SS White product philosophy makes total sense and is a more logical approach to root canal therapy. That is why we have a high conversion rate.

How can international dealers interested in partnering with SS White get in touch to start working with you? Also, what are the benefits of becoming an official SS White dealer?
Specialty endo dealers or dealers who are interested in the full SS White product line could email me directly at or text their information to +1 843 810 8945. I will then put them in touch with the regional sales manager responsible for their respective markets. Regarding key benefits of working with SS White, prospective dealers will see that we are willing to make significant investments to meet them more than halfway to help develop and grow their businesses, and we aim to leverage our greatest asset, which is our company name and 175-year history.

Where can IDS attendees find your booth for more information on this matter?
We encourage a personal touch as part of our company culture, and we want to take the time to listen to visitors and demonstrate our products. We value the importance of face-to-face interaction and working together to find solutions. We’d like to invite attendees to please come by and visit with SS White in Hall 4.2 at Booth L098. We offer a much broader product line than many people are aware of, and we would like to share this in person.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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