It takes two to be perfect—The extra truth behind bonding systems

By KaVo Kerr
March 14, 2019

Two bottles for one protocol for any procedure—KaVo Kerr introduces easy-to-replicate positive outcomes in any scenario with its latest bonding innovation: OptiBond eXTRa Universal.

Bonding technology has come a long way, but is it addressing the needs of all dentists? What about professionals who pride themselves on having full control of their procedures, but understand the need to be efficient? KaVo Kerr has found the answer in the number “two”. OptiBond eXTRa Universal is the latest innovation in dental adhesion—extra bond strength, extra protocol consistency and extra material compatibility, with a unique two-bottle system.

Two components

The primer component in OptiBond eXTRa Universal is very acidic and hydrophilic, resulting in a unique nano-etching capability and outstanding dentinal tubule penetration. The adhesive formulation is hydrophobic, offering efficient polymerisation to boost mechanical strength, bond durability and marginal integrity. This results in

  • a single, consistent protocol and universal compatibility with any substrate—without the need for auxiliary products, such as phosphoric acid, silane, desensitiser or dual-cured activators;
  • proven high bond strength and durability on enamel, dentine and restorative materials;
  • compelling aesthetic outcomes, thanks to a combination of neutral colour and low film thickness; and
  • a unique ability to work in total dark-cure mode, when used in combination with NX3 universal cement.

Two applications: Direct and indirect

OptiBond eXTRa Universal works for any direct and indirect procedure, and thanks to exclusive smart pH technology, is compatible with any restorative material. Before light curing, the bonding formulation has a very low pH, effectively etching the enamel. After light curing, the pH becomes quite neutral, rendering it compatible with virtually all types of dental cements, composites and core build-up material without an auxiliary product.

Two bottles for one consistent protocol

“The market for adhesive materials is already varied, but in no way complete. One-step solutions ensure easily repeatable outcomes, while multiple-component systems require high levels of attention to detail to achieve excellent long-term results,” explained Mattia Marelli, Senior Global Product Manager at KaVo Kerr. “OptiBond eXTRa Universal closes this gap for practitioners who have a need for an efficient, consistent protocol, without losing any of the sophistication needed to achieve truly outstanding results. This is what being extra universal is really about!”

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