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KaVo Kerr presents new elements e-motion system

KaVo Kerr's new elements e-motion system combines efficiency and safety thanks to its improved Adaptive Motion feature and new torque-limiting feature. (Image: KaVo Kerr)
KaVo Kerr

KaVo Kerr

Thu. 14. March 2019


KaVo Kerr presents the all-new endodontic motor with improved Adaptive Motion feature—your ‘safe bet’ for better endodontics.

Smart technologies for improved workflows: the new KaVo Kerr elements e-motion system combines efficiency and safety: the improved Adaptive Motion feature offers greater cutting power and the new torque-limiting feature minimises the risk of files becoming deformed or breaking.

100 per cent German made and ergonomic design: KaVo Kerr elements e-motion was fully developed and manufactured in Germany. The accompanying stainless steel 8:1 handpiece is made by KaVo for endless power. The device, thanks to its user-friendly colour touchscreen interface, is easy to operate, owing to its five individually adjustable pre-settings, each with up to 10 files.

TF Adaptive Motion Technology: KaVo Kerr elements e-motion offers smart feedback algorithm that automatically changes the motion of the file to rotary or reciprocation mode, based on the load it experiences. In addition, a new max. torque limitation provides even more safety. You can use the KaVo Kerr elements e-motion with the rotary files of your choice. In combination with TF Adaptive files you achieve all benefits of TF Adaptive system directly in your hand, including: adaptive motion results in resistance to cyclic fatigue and lessens the twisting stress on the file as well; TF Files’ crystalline structure provide a greater range of elasticity; more resistance to fracture; and superior strength provides high durability.

At a glance, the KaVo Kerr elements e-motion features:

  • file system with more than 190 preset files;
  • new files can be added with name, size, speed and torque and set up individually;
  • four attachment options for handpiece holders;
  • system includes control, motor and reducing handpiece (8:1), speed range;
  • 20–2,500 rpm, torque 0.1–6.0 Ncm;
  • and a 12-month warranty.

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