KaVo X Pro intra-oral scanner—the easy digital impression solution

By KaVo
March 14, 2019

Speed, accuracy and support are the new standard—take your practice further with the new KaVo X Pro intra-oral scanner. It breaks the mould with ease of implementation and visualisation to support your treatment recommendations. With transparent pricing and in-depth training programmes, the KaVo X Pro is the easy digital impression solution for your practice.

The new KaVo X Pro intra-oral scanner is cost effective: it frees the practitioner from fees with no pay-per-click, and no costly data plans.

Saves more than just scan time with in-depth training and support programmes that get the dentist started quickly. Streamlined scan software workflows and touch controls on the wand support efficient scanning.

Impactful results: colour, full arch capability and DTX Studio ecosystem integration enables efficient treatment planning and lab communication.

Grows with the needs of the practice: controlling the model and workflow via the wand allows you to focus on patient communication. The new KaVo X Pro intra-oral scanner provides a comfortable, goop-free exam and immediate visualisation. It is designed to help to create a high-tech experience the patients will appreciate.

The KaVo X Pro is integrated into DTX Studio suite, a single digital platform that connects the latest technologies—from patient imaging acquisition to diagnostics, planning, implant surgery and restoration. In one software you can capture and visualise all patient imaging data, photos, intra-oral camera and scan data. Proceed to diagnosis and treatment planning without the need to import or export data; or choose to connect with your dental laboratory directly from the software.

The KaVo X Pro intra-oral scanner, at a glance:

  • 14 mm short tip with rounded edges for improved patient comfort;
  • touch buttons allow workflow control from the wand;
  • light weight and balanced;
  • USB connection;
  • no cart, no powder;
  • colour scan;
  • open STL and PLY files.

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