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Meoplant Medical showcases its new star dental implant system

Meoplant Medical incorporates the latest in technology and materials for its implants. (Image: Meoplant Medical)
Meoplant Medical

Meoplant Medical

Thu. 7. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: Since 2018, Meoplant Medical dental implants have managed to further accentuate dental implant commercial retail standards with regard to what implantologists can expect of a high-quality, economically priced dental implant system. Boasting a proprietary design, development and state-of-the-art engineering—all from Germany—the Meoplant implant is currently making its market debut and the company is setting up European distribution channels.

The basic idea of this implant system is to simplify the steps of everyday implant treatment in the dental practice without limiting implant-based indications, protocols or the surgical application of the Meoplant. Ease of use in surgical protocols, as well as the associated prosthetic restorations, was the guiding light of this implant system. With it, the experienced surgeon will save time and the novice surgeon will grasp the surgical procedure quickly. It’s an economically priced, high-quality dental implant system that offers a combination of evidence-based features that have become dental implant standards over the last 30 years of dental implantology.

It was an absolute priority that the system components were to be easily identifiable and even easier to handle. This bone level endosseous implant is of a two-piece, threaded, screw-type, direct-drive, self-tapping, cylindro-conical tapered body design and is made of Grade T4 CP titanium, each of these attributes having proven themselves over decades of use and thus become the implant gold mechanical standards. The material, design and incorporated features are the approved choice of dedicated manufacturers and experienced dental implant surgeons.

The Meoplant implant is characterised by three 120°, offset, self-tapping spiral threads that flow from the apical into the crestal region of the implant body. A perfectly matched drilling protocol for all bone densities ensures minimal insertion trauma, attaining maximal primary stability, even in soft cancellous bone. A progression thread with a and axial milling requires less insertion effort, thus ensuring preservation of bone for a subsequent osteoconductive healing phase.

Another special feature of the thread design, in addition to the self-tapping principle of the implant, is a shovel-shaped cutter ending range that gathers bone chips of a defined size, much like a bone scraper, compacting them inwards towards the implant axis. This way, vital bone cells are present directly at the implant surface, and through this uniform compaction, increased primary stability is achieved from a greater bony wall apposition, yielding greater rotational security and osseointegrative potential.

Visitors to IDS can view Meoplant Medical’s offering in Hall 2.2 at Booth A071. More information can be obtained from

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