Osstell launches new innovative product solution at IDS 2019

By Osstell
March 11, 2019

COLOGNE, Germany: Osstell, the company that developed the original Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) technology, announces the Osstell IDx Pro, which sets a new benchmark for products designed to guide implant treatments for optimal and predictable restorative results.

Osstell recently introduced the Osstell Beacon—an innovative, highly intuitive and easy-to-use tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results—as a complement to the more comprehensive Osstell IDx. The new Osstell IDx Pro combines the best of both: a wireless, smart and very intuitive ISQ probe; and a comprehensive user interface for implant stability visualisation, combined with patient data storage and full connectivity. The Osstell IDx Pro gives access to Osstell Connect, the exclusive online service that keeps data safe while providing relevant key insights, thus allowing clinicians to enhance their implant treatment performance—this is based on more than 100,000 implant stability measurements currently. “With the launch of the Osstell IDx Pro as the most capable product in our product ecosystem, we can now offer a wide range of Osstell ISQ solutions to address the different needs of dental clinics globally,” says Stefan Horn, Vice President of Product Solutions at Osstell.

  • Optimised restorative protocol: Osstell assists in determining the patient-specific restorative protocol. It indicates when each implant of the individual patient is ready to be loaded both with temporary solutions as well as the final restoration.
  • Access to in-depth analytical tool: With connectivity, we have a strong focus on not only capturing and storing data for users, but also being able to turn it into something useful and insightful for users’ clinical practice. Patient data and results are stored in Osstell Connect for easy access, enabling implant and patient data analysis and optimisation, and more effective collaboration with colleagues.
  • Ease of use: The Osstell IDx Pro makes the stability measurement very intuitive. Having the Osstell ISQ measurements presented with coloured stability guidance on the instruments, which is a result of clinical evidence obtained from use of the Osstell ISQ scale, gives instant feedback on the status of the implant stability and facilitates patient communication.

Patients—the priority for Osstell and its customers—are increasingly well informed before seeking implant treatment and are often aware of available treatment options. Consequently, they are increasingly expecting shorter treatment protocols. In addition, there is a growing patient population with a number of risk factors, mainly due to ageing, in which healing, for many reasons, can be unpredictable. In order to meet these demands and changing demographics, there is a need for objective and intuitive diagnostic tools to ensure that treatment is delivered without compromising predictability or patient comfort. Osstell ISQ diagnostics help improve outcomes and quality, using objective data to guide and optimise the implant treatment for both complex and more straightforward cases.

“The Osstell IDx Pro is a complete solution and its connectivity gives access to almost unlimited data, allowing decision-making based on facts and real-world evidence—enabling factuality about the osseointegration of an implant. Another user-friendly and nifty feature is that the instrument can work as two independent instruments or as a combination, forming the most capable ISQ product to date,” says Osstell CEO Jonas Ehinger.

Osstell at IDS 2019

The Osstell IDx Pro will be announced and and shown at IDS on 12 March. Initially, it will be available in the EU upon regulatory approval. Additional markets will follow, pending regulatory approval processes.

The Osstell team invites visitors to its IDS booth (#D008) in Hall 10.1 to learn more.

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