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Pearl introduces AI solution for dental pathology detection

Pearl launches Second Opinion dental AI solution at IDS 2021. (Image: Pearl)


Tue. 21. September 2021


COLOGNE, Germany: Pearl, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) systems for dental practices, announced today at IDS 2021 that its Second Opinion AI solution is now commercially available in Europe. This makes it the first AI-powered device designed to detect a full range of conditions and pathologies in dental radiographs to enter the European dental market.

Quality dental care begins with radiographic evaluation. Pearl developed Second Opinion to help dentists ensure that their patient care has the strongest foundation possible and add a new level of assurance when communicating their findings to patients. Second Opinion is the latest addition to a range of products the company has developed that apply Pearl’s patented computer vision technologies to bring greater efficiency, accuracy and consistency to various dental industry stakeholders.

Second Opinion applies those computer vision technologies to detect a comprehensive array of pathologies, existing restorations and natural anatomy in dental radiographs. According to Pearl, the system instantly analyses radiographs upon capture, allowing dentists to review Second Opinion detections overlaid on radiographic images displayed on examination room monitors. The tool allows dentists to accept or reject the AI’s findings and add their own to radiographs as they see fit.

According to Pearl’s founder and CEO, Ophir Tanz, patients in the EU can now experience the assurance of AI-aided radiography when they visit the dentist.

“The moment dentists and patients experience Second Opinion, they’ll understand why we’ve been so vocal about AI’s potential to revolutionise dentistry,” Tanz said.

“Our clinical trials have shown that Second Opinion delivers clear clinical benefits, but Second Opinion will also deliver an array of second-order benefits, like greater patient trust and retention, that drive growth for the entire dental category,” he added.

Editorial note: Visitors to IDS 2021 can experience Pearl’s products at Booth L034 in Hall 10.2.


One thought on “Pearl introduces AI solution for dental pathology detection

  1. Eshan Verma says:

    Hello this is great and hope it comes to Australian market too somehow.

    I too have some great AI ideas in Dentistry that could also be very beneficial and could change how we practice Dentistry today. I wish I have resources or contacts to make that change happen. But this is awesome.

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