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By pritidenta
March 12, 2019

COLOGNE, Germany: What do cocktails and multicolour technology have in common? Pritidenta’s coloured irconia makes precise colour mapping as easy as drinking a cocktail. It is as simple as “Sex on the Beach”! Sound rude? When you put your straw on the bottom of the glass to take your first sip, it tastes particularly sweet; further up, it gets more bitter. Just like you can control the taste when drinking cocktails, with pritimultidisc ZrO2 round blanks by pritidenta, you can control the shade. Sound strange? Let us put it in slightly more technical terms.

Pritimultidisc ZrO2 is available in seven shades that each cover a balanced colour gradient. This means they can perfectly match the gradient of natural teeth in all 16 VITA classical shades. For example, the pritimultidisc ZrO2 disc is available in “A light”, a composite shade that can achieve Shades A1–A3. Positioning the restoration in the middle yields Shade A2. Positioning it higher up in the round blank makes it lighter, perfectly matching Shade A1; putting it lower down matches Shade A3. The positioning and colour mapping can be adjusted to the correct blank height depending on restoration height. Aesthetic monolithic crowns, partial crowns, bridges up to 16 units, inlays, onlays and veneers are possible.

Colouring for zirconia: not just pretty, but smart too! The new pritimultibloc ZrO2 multicolor. Now, pritidenta offers its tried-and-tested German-made zirconia disc in a block version as well: pritimultidisc ZrO2 High Translucent—easily recognised by its magenta holder.

Optional accessories

PritiMPguide Extra Translucent and High Translucent are your key for selecting the right pritidenta colour and matching it to the VITA shades. Select the shade with pritiMPguide as you normally would: simply match the shade samples to the tooth. Each sample stick states the shade and the position required in the disc (top, middle or bottom). This way, you can see the exact result you will achieve. The pritiMPguide can be used for quality control in your laboratory, as well as for shade selection in the patient.

Prospects for collaboration

At pritidenta, everything revolves around high-end zirconia: this is where our core competence and passion lie. This competence is down to in-house research and development and manufacturing, all conducted by a great team in Germany.

We develop products for dental technicians and dentists that combine highly aesthetic results with efficient manufacture and automation processes using CAD/CAM technology. Our aim is to offer our customers a cost-effective, high-quality solution.

Gain insight into our company at our website, We invite interested dental professionals to contact us by email at or to visit us at IDS at the pritidenta booth (#J031) in Hall 4.2.

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