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Promote your practice as a syringe-free practice

Dale Johnson is director of international business at Milestone Scientific. (Image: Dental Tribune International)
Jeremy Booth, Dental Tribune International

Jeremy Booth, Dental Tribune International

Fri. 24. September 2021


Milestone Scientific offers basically one single product in the dental field: the STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System. The instrument replaces a syringe for administering anaesthesia and thereby enables dental clinics to promote themselves as syringe-free, which can increase patient volumes and loyalty.

Mr Johnson, can you please tell us more about the STA?
Dental-phobic patients are primarily afraid of the syringe. We know that dentists give fairly comfortable injections, but patients do not know that and just the thought of seeing the syringe can prevent them from

Milestone Scientific says that, with the STA, dental clinics can promote themselves as syringe-free and thereby increase patient volume and profitability. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

going to the clinic. The STA replaces the need for a syringe, and dentists can promote their practice as a syringe-free practice, which can increase patient volume and profitability.

What are some of the additional benefits?
There is no pain from the STA system injection because the computer controls the flow of the anaesthetic in a way that is below the pain threshold for the patient. When the patient has that experience, he or she is going to go out and tell his or her friends and family members about it.

Dentists can perform single-tooth anaesthesia which numbs the tooth completely so that they can perform an extraction, root canal therapy or a filling without numbness in the face, lips or tongue. Patients can go about their day after treatment, and this improves the patient experience.

In terms of safety, the STA gives the dentist the ability to do one-handed recapping of the needle, avoiding accidental needle-stick injuries, and the effect of the single-tooth anaesthesia is immediate, meaning that the dentist does not have to leave the room and can thereby reduce the use of personal protective equipment. The STA also uses a single-use disposable handpiece for each patient, and patients can see that they are getting a sterile instrument.

2 thoughts on “Promote your practice as a syringe-free practice

  1. T'ng Chee Horng says:

    I have brought the STA Wand device when i attended a conference in other country, when i come back to my own country, i cannot find any support from supplier, and i don’t know how to use it. Can you provide me some reading materials or guidelines on how to operate the device? Thank you.

  2. This device looks very good and we are interested to get in contact. (Our main market is Poland and we develop as well Austria and Czech Republic)

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