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Taglus Arch adapter kit saves one-third of plastic

Manan Khakhar of Taglus. (Image: DTI)

Fri. 17. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: Taglus, a leader in the manufacture of innovative dental aligner and retainer thermoplastic sheets, launched its newest product at IDS 2023: the Taglus Arch adapter kit. Shaped like a dental arch, it is aimed at reducing plastic waste during thermoforming and has been engineered for clear aligners and retainers with superior mechanical properties.

The company’s Manan Khakhar said: “We wanted to do something to help the environment and reduce waste. As a company, we make plastic, and we know that plastic can end up in the environment. The reality is that you waste a lot of plastic when you thermoform, and the next generation will have to pay for this. So, we thought very hard about something that would help the environment and the result is the Taglus Arch adapter kit. It saves 33.3% of plastic on each aligner tray used, and so the numbers add up very quickly to substantial material savings that benefit all of us.”

Khakhar added: “I think we all want to do something to improve our world. The change has to start with us as individuals, and so we decided to create something that saves a lot of plastic. Our customers know that their products will have a lower impact on the environment, and this helps them in many ways.”

Taglus Arch is available in the Taglus Premium, Taglus Standard and Taglus Tuff materials. Taglus Tuff, at 0.8 mm, is the thinnest retainer sheet, has 18× greater Izod impact strength and has been proved to be durable and crack-resistant.

Taglus is a trusted brand and a leader in the manufacture of innovative aligner and retainer thermoforming plastic sheets. Its uses cutting-edge technology in its US Food and Drug Administration-registered and ISO-certified facility, which covers over 12,000 m2. Taglus products are sold in over 100 countries, and its thermoforming sheets have undergone more than 68 mechanical and biocompatibility tests to ensure safety and compliance with ISO 10993.

Visitors to IDS 2023 can visit the company’s booth (#C080) in Hall 2.2.

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