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Eiichi Nakanishi (right), President and CEO of Nakanishi, shaking hands with Lutz Hiller, board member of OEMUS MEDIA. (Photograph: OEMUS MEDIA)


Fri. 15. March 2019


Eiichi Nakanishi, President and CEO of Nakanishi, explained the four product innovations of the traditional Japanese company NSK in an interview at IDS 2019.

Mr Nakashaki, what new developments can your customers look forward to?
Our brand-new Surgic Pro2 implant machine not only features the world’s smallest micromotor and extremely high torque accuracy, but also has a wireless foot control and supports our osseointegration meter Osseo 100+ and our ultrasonic surgery system VarioSurg3 via Bluetooth. The Surgic Pro2 sends treatment data to a tablet via Bluetooth.

We have also revised our S-Max M turbine and contra-angle handpiece series. It now offers even better resistance to the treatment processes, which always put stress on materials, and the turbines provide even greater torque with the same excellent cost efficiency.

Our brand-new N1clave autoclave combines a number of patented pioneering innovations for sterilisation, which, for example, have resulted in the shortest cycle time on the market. Tap water can be used in the process, which requires very little energy owing to our many innovative solutions. Outstanding connectivity also allows the operational status to be monitored remotely, providing quick and easy user service and a great user experience. Last but not least, the Osseo 100+ is a device used to test osseointegration, which gives implantologists a high degree of confidence during implant assessment.

The Osseo 100 was developed in collaboration with the implantology team at Integration Diagnostics Sweden, which has been part of Nakanishi since November 2018. How does the device complement the NSK product portfolio?
NSK is one of the largest manufacturers of implant micromotors in the world and this new addition will help to complete our product range. The Osseo 100+ can wirelessly connect to an iPad via the Surgic Pro2 to display readings and save treatment records for individual patients—adding real value for users.

After acquiring the majority stake in the Italian company Dental X, Nakanishi has now established a subsidiary in Italy. How did that happen?
Italy is the fourth-largest economy in Europe and NSK sold its products through an exclusive distributor until last year. We decided to found our own subsidiary in order to strengthen the brand and sales staff and improve our customer services. We are confident that we can increase our market share in the future by building on the success of our partners.

How important is the European market for NSK?
NSK’s market share grew rapidly in almost all European countries after the establishment of our first European branch, in Germany. This success can be attributed to our marketing strategy, which was exactly the right fit, just like our products, our prices, our sales team and our customer services. However, the greatest contribution has been from our team and our wonderful employees.

In your opinion, what is NSK’s unique selling point?
NSK currently has the largest share of the global market for rotary dental instruments and the widest range of products covering restorative and preventative dentistry, periodontics, implantology, maxillofacial surgery, mobile dentistry and sterilisation products. We take a more targeted approach than our competitors, which means that all NSK products are faster, more effective, more convenient and safer.

Are there any plans to invest in NSK’s infrastructure after the opening of the new R & D building and manufacturing facility in Japan?
NSK is planning to invest heavily in IT and change our enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and product lifecycle management to make our operations even more effective and productive as a whole.

In your opinion, what are the key advantages of a family business like NSK?
NSK is a very people-oriented and culture-based company with a social perspective. We value relationships, friendships and partnerships with all stakeholders, such as dentists, hygienists, caregivers, traders and our employees. Our commitment to our customers is very strong and our team is incredibly motivated and committed. This is a real advantage over our biggest competitors, who tend to focus on numbers.

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