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March 15, 2019

Marion Baumgartner, Product Manager of Technician Solution at VITA Zahnfabrik, discusses VITA YZ SOLUTIONS.

Ms Baumgartner, what makes VITA YZ zirconia stand out among all the other zirconia options on the market?
With VITA YZ SOLUTIONS, VITA is offering the system solution for precise, efficient and true-to-shade zirconia restorations. VITA YZ SOLUTIONS includes zirconia blanks in four degrees of translucency with matched system components for reliable shade reproduction. With VITA YZ SOLUTIONS, a broad spectrum of restorative concepts can be implemented. From the highly individual reconstruction to the solid standard restoration, this system offers many aesthetic options. VITA YZ SOLUTIONS is the system for consistent, accurate, true-to-shade restorations of excellent quality. The system includes liquids for colouring, staining and glazing materials for individualisation, veneering ceramics, and firing units for sintering and staining firings.

What need did VITA identify in the market that led it to develop a product with these qualities? The zirconia market has been growing rapidly over the last ten years. With the development of the first porous VITA YZ T in 2002, VITA started the trend. In retrospect, this first variant was still very opaque and intended primarily as a framework for veneering, hence the demand for more translucent variants. In the meantime, zirconia materials have become so translucent that they can compete with glass ceramics. Owing to the increased translucency, the flexural strength is significantly lower. This was the requirement for a fourth variant: VITA YZ ST, not quite as translucent, but with higher flexural strength.

How much work went into developing this zirconia?
In the development and adjustment of the physical and mechanical properties, VITA relied on long-standing experience in the production of zirconia blanks of our competent process engineers. This allowed us to adjust the materials in physical and mechanical properties in such a way that the customer does not notice any difference during processing. In other words, the machinability is the same for all four materials. This allows the customer to process all materials identically with just one template. The colour adjustment of zirconia is very complex and requires a great deal of experience. Again, we relied on the great experience of our development engineers. All this resulted in a product that is as convincing in its mechanical properties as it is in colour reproduction.

What kinds of things does this zirconia allow laboratories and dentists to do that they couldn’t otherwise?
With VITA YZ SOLUTIONS, all kinds of restorations can be made: from fully anatomical crowns up to 14-unit anterior and posterior bridges, fully and partially veneered single-tooth restorations and up to 14-unit bridge frameworks in the anterior and posterior regions, single-tooth restorations and up to 14-unit bridges on directly screwed-on implant abutments in the anterior and posterior regions, primary telescopes, inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns and tabletops. 

What has the initial feedback on the product been?
Since the market launch in 2002, customers have been reporting to us very good edge stability and excellent fit after sintering. For the new variants (VITA YZ XT and VITA YZ ST), customers are delighted with the excellent colour match for the VITA classical A1–D4 shade guide.

How important is the advantage of this zirconia manufactured by the company, whose shade guides are used fairly universally across the profession?
VITA is the colour expert. As a result, we probably have the greatest experience in colour setting for a wide range of materials. Therefore, we can rely on many formulas. Our formulas and the knowledge of our development engineers have helped them to develop these colours. Thanks to the successful colour adjustment of the VITA YZ materials, VITA has once again proven that it holds mastery in this area.

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