New perspectives in periapical surgery: Ostectomy and osteotomy

The aim of this investigation was to review the surgical factors related to ostectomy in periapical surgery and their relationship to prognosis. An update was made of different techniques to achieve adequate access to the periapical lesion. Visual control of the affected roots is important for a successful result in periapical surgery; for this reason, the bone tissue from the vestibular cortical bone must be removed through an ostectomy or osteotomy. The technique used and the amount of bone removed must be analyzed preoperatively, since it will have a direct relationship to the surrounding anatomical structures, the healing time and the need to perform bone regeneration techniques. With the use of microsurgical techniques, the size of the ostectomy should not exceed 5 mm in order to reduce the healing time and thus improve the prognosis of periapical surgery. Osteotomy is an alternative technique that allows preservation of the external cortical bone, but has been little studied. Keywords Ostectomy; osteotomy; periapical surgery; endodontic surgery; prognosis.

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