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“Digital workflows are revolutionising dentistry”

Amann Girrbach is showcases its Ceramill DRS at booth #C040–D041 in Hall 1.2 at IDS. (Image: Dental Tribune International)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 14. March 2023


“Connect To The (Work-)Flow” is Amann Girrbach’s motto for IDS 2023―meaning to connect workflows in dental laboratories and practices. Dental professionals can expect to see this motto articulated across the company’s 640 m2 of exhibition at the trade fair. In this interview, CEO Dr Wolfgang Reim, vice president of marketing and digital Christian Ermer and vice president of research and development Falko Noack give insights into this complete digital workflow and other innovations and product highlights.

Dr Reim, What’s the story behind “Connect to the (Work-)Flow”?
Our objective is to enable a complete workflow for restorations holistically and to the highest standards. We offer users in dental practices and laboratories something which is difficult to achieve with the sum of individual products alone: we offer an overall system of innovative, coordinated components that is open and yet validated, thus ensuring high process safety, a significant gain in productivity and reproducibility of restorations of the highest quality and aesthetics. In other words, we are offering peace of mind as far as the technical complexity across the process chain is concerned. The idea is to link analogue and digital steps, as well as users—namely dentists and dental technicians—to ultimately make everyday routines easier for everyone involved. Digital workflows are revolutionising dentistry, and everyone stands to benefit.

Dr Wolfgang Reim, CEO of Amann Girrbach. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

Mr Ermer, what are Amann Girrbach’s current product milestones?
The list is a long one. It includes the AG.Live workflow cloud platform and the modular Ceramill Direct Restoration Solution (DRS) system for chairside applications. AG.Live is the core element, and all new and existing products are connected with it, thus bridging interdisciplinary divides between laboratories and dental practices.

Patient cases are managed centrally in compliance with EU and international data protection guidelines. They can be accessed by all collaborators, and this makes interdisciplinary exchange easier and more efficient. The connection of Ceramill laboratory machines to AG.Live also simplifies inventory management and service. In addition, with the modular Ceramill DRS system and our Ceramill MAP DRS intra-oral scanner—both of which are fully integrated into the digital ecosystem—we enable seamless interdisciplinary collaboration and create new possibilities in the field of same-day dentistry. For example, by using the Ceramill DRS Production Kit, which includes the Ceramill Motion DRS milling machine and the Ceramill Mind DRS design software, a high-quality restoration can be produced in just a single session.

Mr Noack, Amann Girrbach’s latest product in the zirconia family is attracting considerable attention. Why are people referring to the new Zolid Bion as a game-changer?
With Zolid Bion, we have raised the development of zirconia to a new level and advanced to the next evolutionary stage in all-ceramic materials made of zirconia without compromising on safety. Zolid Bion is based on 15 years of development work and is more versatile than any other material. For almost two years now, so-called 3D zirconia materials have been appearing on the market. These offer numerous advantages, particularly with regard to aesthetics in the area of the incisal edge. However, until now, compromises had to be made in the interests of safety. With Zolid Bion, this is now a thing of the past. The innovative material perfectly combines aesthetics with safety without making any compromises and provides an optimal workflow. This uncompromising combination of aesthetics and safety is attributable to the innovative raw materials used. These ensure a consistent strength of over 800 MPa over the entire cross section of the blank. Another highlight is its suitability for speed sintering. In terms of planning and application, this means absolute freedom and safety, plus speed. From minimally invasive veneers and monolithic anterior crowns to long-span bridges on implants, users no longer have to choose between different materials and can cover a wide range of indications with Zolid Bion.

Dr Reim, to sum things up, what does a cooperation with Amann Girrbach entail?
The purchase of one of our products marks the beginning of a partnership. We attach great importance to offering continuous support to our customers via a wide range of training and education activities, highly competent technical service with an easily accessible help desk, and regular updates on the functionality of our products. After all, our primary objective is to ensure that users achieve high-quality results simply, reliably and as cost-effectively and quickly as possible.

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Learn more at Amann Girrbach’s booth (#C040/D041) in Hall 1.2. An overview of daily events at the company’s booth can be found at

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