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IDS 2023: Dentsply Sirona brought digital solutions and high-quality education closer to customers

Dentsply Sirona presented its state-of-the-art solutions, products and latest innovations at IDS 2023 and set an example for greater sustainability in dentistry. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

Sat. 18. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: For Dentsply Sirona, the 2023 International Dental Show (IDS) was all about being “United for better dentistry”—for more connectivity, collaboration and partnership to advance dentistry. To this end, the company presented interactive events, exciting digital experiences and live demonstrations. The company also set an example for greater sustainability with a nearly paperless booth.

A special highlight was Primescan Connect, which made its first international appearance at IDS. Powered by DS Core, it provides an efficient, easy-to-learn way of generating high-quality digital impressions.

Demonstrating the power of the digital universe

Trade show attendees experienced the digital universe at Dentsply Sirona’s booth. They had the opportunity to discover Dentsply Sirona’s cutting-edge solutions, products and latest innovations in person:

  • Primescan Connect is the new laptop version of the Primescan intra-oral scanner. It embodies the guiding principle of Dentsply Sirona’s digital universe to simplify dentistry.
  • On show for the first time publicly, Primeprint Solution is a highly automated and integrated 3D-printing unit that makes it easy and fast to produce surgical guides, bite splints, temporary restorations, working models and much more.
  • The OmniTaper EV implant system has a proven surface technology, and its intuitive and secure procedures optimise the implant treatment process, resulting in increased efficiency for clinicians and improved care for patients.
  • The new SmartLite Pro EndoActivator is an efficient solution for activating root canal irrigation with a significant advantage over passive irrigation. The activation of the irrigation solution produces a canal surface with a greater number of open dentinal tubules, improving obturation of the lateral and accessory canals. The SmartLite Pro EndoActivator also extends the modular system of the SmartLite Pro curing light.
  • Axeos is a 2D/3D radiographic system for practices with a broad treatment spectrum. The device offers sharp panoramic radiographs, has different field of view volumes and offers further 3D applications, covering a wide range of dental indications. It is thus ideal for specialists in particular.
  • The Axano dental chair unit features intuitive workflows and smart controls that make treatment more efficient, reliable, hygienic and ergonomic. Axano allows dentists to concentrate fully on their profession and patients.
  • SureSmile is a clear aligner system that offers dental professionals a comprehensive treatment approach for patients wanting a beautiful, healthy smile. The system offers a high degree of predictability as well as a comfortable and streamlined experience.Another highlight was the DS Talks panel discussions, which addressed two topics rapidly shaping the dental industry and the world: digitalisation and sustainability.

“Dentsply Sirona continues to focus on innovation and clinical education with a commitment to doing so in a sustainable manner and enabling our customers to practise dentistry with sustainability in mind,” said Simon Campion, president and CEO of Dentsply Sirona. “We were pleased to showcase these commitments during IDS 2023 and invited all attendees to join us and unite for better dentistry to improve both oral health and the health of our planet,” he concluded.

Dentsply Sirona presented the laptop version of the Primescan intra-oral scanner: Primescan Connect. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

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