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GC introduces new digital solutions at IDS

Makoto Nakao, the former president of GC Corporation, with the new Aadva IOS 200 intra-oral scanner. (Image: OEMUS Media)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 24. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: Continually striving for digitalisation in dental settings, GC announced the launch of two new solutions during the recent 40th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne. The first was the next generation of the company’s dedicated dental laboratory scanners—the Aadva Lab Scan 3—and the second was the new Aadva IOS 200 intra-oral scanner, which is equipped with 4DR technology.

IDS 2023 was a busy and successful trade fair for dental specialist GC. Dental professionals were invited by the company to attend, and internationally renowned dentists and dental technicians provided hands-on courses and laboratory demonstrations featuring the company’s new digital solutions, as well as topical presentations covering current and future dental practice. The launches of two new products from GC’s Aadva family of digital solutions were included in the many highlights of the events at the company’s stand.

The “Best of both worlds” with new Aadva IOS 200 digital workflow

GC says that it has set new standards in digital dental workflows with the introduction of the Aadva IOS 200 intra-oral scanner. The Aadva IOS 200 uses a new stereo matching technology, known as four-dimensional regression (4DR), which has been designed specifically to help dental clinicians overcome scanning challenges such as reflections, saliva and translucencies. According to GC, the technology provides a strong and robust method for calculating 3D images.

Because the Aadva IOS 200 uses stereo technology for its 3D measurement, a much slimmer, smaller and lighter scanner handpiece, weighing just 120 g, is possible. This results in enhanced ease of use for the dentist, greater comfort for the patient and easier access to not only areas difficult to reach—such as the distal molar region—but also paediatric dentition and dentition in patients with limited mouth opening. The autoclavable tip (weighing about 30 g) assures full cross-infection control compliance.

Striving for further digitalisation with Aadva Lab Scan 3

With artificial intelligence (AI)-based unique object recognition, the new Aadva Lab Scan 3 laboratory scanner identifies what is placed in it and automatically makes the necessary adaptation for an optimal scan without any user handling. Its AI system-guided automated workflows aim to provide greater peace of mind.

In accordance with the semui corporate philosophy aimed at achieving customer centricity, the Aadva Lab Scan 3 uses a patented projection to guide the user experience, resulting in time-saving and a workflow that is free of errors.

In addition to these features, the scanner is equipped with two high-resolution cameras and an advanced 3D sensor that contribute to optimal data acquisition and ensure a high accuracy of 4 µm (according to ISO 12836) and an extremely fast scan time of 12 seconds for a full arch*. “Needless to say, the Aadva Lab Scan 3 comes with a wide range of standard accessories to satisfy all your needs,” GC said in a press release.

Editorial note:

*Scan times are measured with deactivated colour scanning.

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