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New RFID intelligence in the dental clinic helps translate data into efficiency, safety and savings

The LM Dental Tracking System offers new RFID intelligence in dental clinics. This smart technology helps streamline processes and increase efficiency, safety and savings. (Image: LM-Dental)


Thu. 21. February 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: LM-Dental, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic dental instruments, actively works with dental clinics to ensure its product development remains at the cutting edge. This collaboration has revealed many challenges related to material handling and traceability, with increasing requirements for patient safety and documentation often emphasised. Logistics and maintenance could also be managed better and more effectively. In response to these challenges, LM-Dental has developed the LM Dental Tracking System (LM DTS), the first commercially available system in the dental industry to efficiently track and monitor dental instruments, handpieces and materials from different manufacturers using an advanced radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Internet of things goes dental with LM DTS

LM DTS brings the Internet of things into dentistry and enables the collection and analysis of big data from dental clinics for constant improvement of processes, workflows and cost-efficiency. This identification technology constitutes the unique dental tracking system, together with RFID readers and server software. The system provides visibility of and accountability for instruments and materials, from storage and maintenance to patient care.

In addition to enabling continuous improvements in daily operation, the scanned and documented data creates opportunities and benefits for long-term planning for cost-efficiency and increased patient safety. Making budgeting and purchasing decisions based on data rather than intuition, and automating traceability, logistics and infection control documentation allow the staff to work more efficiently and translate clinic data into continuous improvements.

Complete solutions for tracking and monitoring all materials in the dental clinic

Complete RFID tagging solutions are available for integrating all dental materials into the system. An advanced RFID chip can be integrated into any dental instrument, handpiece or material from any manufacturer, enabling complete and reliable traceability of the instrument, handpiece or material by scanning it with the LM DTS reader.

The newest LM DTS innovation is an RFID cabinet, which can be used for storing and scanning dental materials. Material packages are read and monitored using ultra-high-frequency RFID technology. Placing RFID stickers on implant, filling material and other packages enables DTS to keep track of the inventory levels in the cabinet, document usage by department or staff member, and store serial or lot numbers for traceability.

LM-Dental—The innovator in ergonomic dental instrumentation and smart tracking

LM-Dental develops, produces and markets high-tech dental hand instruments and its tracking system, together with ultrasonic devices, orthodontic appliances and more. Ergonomics has been the guiding light of LM-Dental’s product development of silicone-coated hand instruments. Making use of contemporary coating technology, LM-Dental is able to offer sharpen-free periodontal and non-stick restorative instruments.

With its innovative product design, LM-Dental is the fastest-growing manufacturer of hand instruments in Europe and the market leader in the Nordic countries. Over 80 per cent of its products are exported globally.

All LM-Dental products are manufactured in Finland, combining high-tech production technology with handmade craftsmanship to achieve top-quality end results. LM-Dental implements only sustainable manufacturing processes. LM-Dental is part of Planmeca Group.

Visit LM-Dental’s IDS stand (Hall 11.1, Booth F030–G031) to see the LM DTS.


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  1. Spencer cruz says:

    I believe I have one of these illegally implanted into my molar what kind is system works so that I may be able to read the device and test it

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