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Experience SprintRay’s dental 3D-printing solution for complete digital integration at IDS 2023

SprintRay has announced new dental 3D-printing workflows to an even smarter end-to-end integration for dental practices and laboratories. (Image: SprintRay)


Fri. 3. March 2023


LOS ANGELES, US/COLOGNE, Germany: SprintRay is a digital dentistry company that offers chairside 3D-printing solutions, including for fabrication of crowns and night guards. The company is pleased to present its enhanced end-to-end workflows at this year’s International Dental Show (IDS).

3D printing allows dental professionals to stay up to date with the newest technology and dental materials and is a valuable asset to both dental clinics and laboratories. (Image: SprintRay)

“With our new crown kit, it is now possible to print crowns in less than 15 minutes. With SprintRay Cloud Design and a polishing kit to individualise the crowns, the complete workflow, from data capture to delivery to the patient, can be done within an hour, making this the first true chairside 3D-printing solution,” said SprintRay CEO Amir Mansouri. “We also are proud to present our latest material, Ceramic Crown, a hybrid crown material for definitive restorations with a composition of more than 50% ceramic filler particles, making 3D-printed crowns eligible for reimbursement through the US healthcare system,” he continued.

Bruxism is a common parafunction worldwide. With artificial intelligence-driven design and the proven SprintRay Nightguard Flex and Nightguard Firm resins, SprintRay aims to help dental professionals protect their patients’ smiles. “We are happy to be able to offer our latest night guard materials to our European customers. We present a material that is durable yet flexible, making it a patient favourite around the world,” stated Patrick Thurm, general manager of SprintRay Europe.

Besides high-quality materials for dentures, surgical guides, wax-ups and many more indications, SprintRay offers a design service for many applications to make implementation in the dental clinic as easy as possible.

RayWare is the central hub of the SprintRay dental 3D-printing experience. (Image: SprintRay)

With a full product portfolio for 3D printing, automated washing and drying, and post-polymerisation, SprintRay offers intuitive and reliable 3D-printing solutions exclusively for dental professionals. The RayWare smart slicing software, SprintRay and partner resins, and SprintRay Cloud Design services make SprintRay the partner of choice for dental practices and laboratories around the world.

To simplify full digital workflows even further, SprintRay is proud to present SprintRay CloudDrive, an integration tool that will store and organise all intra-oral scans in one place, thus facilitating access and further use in design software.

With smart digital integration, further workflow innovation and a world-class 3D-printing portfolio, SprintRay is set to be the partner of choice for dental practices and laboratoris in dental 3D printing and digital dentistry. “Dental is our passion and supporting our customers with advanced technology and software for a comprehensive workflow is the goal that we sprint to everyday, at Bolt speed”, concluded Mansouri.

From 14 to 18 March, visitors to IDS will have the opportunity to learn more about SprintRay’s 3D-printing workflows at the company’s booth (#H010—J029) in Hall 3.1. More information about SprintRay can be found at

Editorial note:

Some solutions from SprintRay are not yet available in all countries owing to regulatory requirements. Dental professionals are advised to contact their SprintRay partner for information on local availability.

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