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BOREA introduces new spectrophotometer, the Rayplicker Cobra, at IDS 2023

BOREA is showcasing the Rayplicker Cobra at IDS 2023 at Booth J081 in Hall 3.1. (Image: Dental Tribune International)


Thu. 16. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: After the release of its first digital shade scanner, the Rayplicker Handy, in 2018, Borea is now presenting its new spectrophotometer, the Rayplicker Cobra. The device is intended for cosmetic dentistry professionals and will revolutionise shade taking as well as communication between the dental office and the laboratory.

The aim of the Rayplicker Cobra is to offer an objective, reliable and reproducible colour analysis of teeth based on spectrophotometry, a technology that has been validated and approved by the scientific community. The tooth shade is analysed according to the CIELAB colour space and the results stratified into different shade mappings: overall shade, three parts, nine parts and detailed mapping. This new version of the Rayplicker is made in France and offers innovative ergonomic features. The device is equipped with a miniaturised measuring head, and the remote LEDs at the end of the measuring head allow easy access to all of the patient’s teeth. The autoclavable calibration tips allow the self-calibration of the device and protect against cross-contamination. In addition, its OLED screen guides the user through shade taking and the Wi-Fi transmission of the live video on the computer screen. The ease of communication makes the experience truly educational for the patient.

The spectrophotometer, in combination with the free Rayplicker Vision software, allows the user to carry out colorimetric and translucency analysis of a tooth. The software provides optimised patient data management as well as numerous functionalities, such as the evaluation of bleaching treatments and the editing of shade reports.

For the best transmission of information, both dental practices and dental laboratories benefit from free access to the Borea Connect platform, which is accessible from a web browser. The platform is an essential tool for the management and real-time monitoring of orders and ensures easy and fast sending of the data necessary for the proper production of prostheses. This data includes shades, patient photographs and digital impressions.

The new Rayplicker Cobra provides a complete and innovative solution for communication between the dental professional and the laboratory. It allows a reduction of the waste related to shade taking, and it brings true comfort and time-saving while improving communication with patients.

Owing to the easy reading of CIELAB values, the Rayplicker Cobra is compatible with manufacturing recipe applications for dental technicians, making it a revolutionary and indispensable tool in every practice.

Editorial note:

Visitors to the IDS can learn more about Borea’s products at Booth J081 in Hall 3.1.

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