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IDS 2021: Borea showcases new Rayplicker software and communication platform

Borea is showcasing its new open-source software, Rayplicker Vision, and the Borea Connect communication platform at IDS 2021. (Image: Dental Tribune International)


Wed. 22. September 2021


COLOGNE, Germany: The French company Borea will be introducing its brand-new software and platform, Rayplicker Vision and Borea Connect, during IDS 2021. According to the company, both new products boast several distinctive features that will redefine shade communication in dentistry.

In pursuit of its mission to be the reference in digital shade recording, Borea follows the international development of the digital revolution in the dental field, especially digital chain integration between dental offices and laboratories. Since the coronavirus crisis and the imposed travel restrictions limited the possibility of meeting with customers and partners in person, BOREA is using the opportunity to exhibit at IDS 2021 to renew its links with the dental profession. The event will be marked by the release of two new products that will completely change the way dental shade information is communicated, in order to better streamline the fully digital workflow.

The Rayplicker shade scanner in action. (Image: Borea)

Borea’s flagship product, the Rayplicker, is a solution that consists of a digital shade scanner, software and a mobile app for processing and transferring data from the dental surgeon’s office to the dental laboratory. In just a single acquisition, the Rayplicker Handy spectrophotometer allows capture of all shade information necessary for the aesthetic integration of the prosthesis. The user can visualise the shade of the tooth according to L*a*b* or L*C*h values in different mappings: overall shade, three-part, nine-part, detailed and translucency. The device has a patented optical measuring head that eliminates influences from the external environment, and the device’s ergonomics make it possible to scan up to the premolars.

The data collected with the Rayplicker Handy is sent directly to the Rayplicker Vision, which is open software that enables analysis and archiving of acquisitions obtained with the spectrophotometer. This software can be installed in the dental office and at the laboratory. It simplifies the management of data for both patients and practitioners and facilitates the in-depth study and analysis of the most relevant data, including brightness, chromaticity, hue and translucency, in order to produce dental prostheses.

This complementary tool to the spectrophotometer makes it possible to centralise patient aesthetic data, such as STL files, Rayplicker shade and patient photographs. This software has been developed to easily standardise the digital workflow of practitioners and laboratories.

Once the patient’s folder has been completed and recorded, the production order is placed and sent through Borea Connect. The laboratory, also registered on the platform, instantly receives all the necessary information in order to realise a prosthesis that is faithful to the order. All this can be done from any computing device.

Editorial note: Visitors to IDS can learn more about Borea’s products at Booth E019 in Hall 11.1.

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