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CEPPRO: Evolving beyond digital orthodontic diagnosis

Owing to its 78 landmarks, CEPPRO is capable of expressing smooth and natural curves on the human face. (Image: DDH)


Thu. 16. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: DDH seeks to increase clinical utilisation of digital dentistry by developing digital dentistry solutions and services that employ artificial intelligence (AI) and providing these through its digital dentistry platform. Currently, more than 350 member clinics in South Korea use its online AI-based orthodontic diagnosis support solutions and clear aligner services. At the International Dental Show 2023, DNN is currently showcasing its solution at Booth K079 in Hall 4.2.

DDH’s CEPPRO is a cloud-based automated cephalometric analyser and real-time orthodontic diagnosis support solution developed through AI learning on extensive clinical data. Being an online service, CEPPRO is more convenient and efficient than traditional installed software and offers high cost-effectiveness.

It automatically identifies 78 cephalometric/anthropometric landmarks on cephalometric images in real time, including 34 facial soft-tissue landmarks and 44 hard-tissue landmarks. The large number of landmarks detected supports accurate analysis of the clinical case and realistic visualisation. CEPPRO also presents measurement analysis results and has a visual treatment objective function that automatically aligns the cephalometric image with facial photographs and optimises the envisioned soft-tissue changes after hard-tissue movement. These features ensure a real-time visualisation of treatment results for patient consultation, thereby increasing treatment efficiency and acceptance at the same time.

CEPPRO has been certified by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and obtained the CE mark. It was developed through long-term research and development collaboration with Seoul National University School of Dentistry.

Signing up for DDH free membership grants immediate access to the software. Currently, CEPPRO 2.01 is available free, and CEPPRO 3.0, which is scheduled to launch in the first half of this year, will offer a free trial period after launch and a low monthly subscription fee option therafter. There is no need to purchase expensive software licences or upgrades, and CEPPRO provides on-demand service and the most up-to-date version of the program. Users do not need a high-performance computer, as CEPPRO is a fast web-based service.

The upcoming Version 3.0 enhances user-friendliness and patient consultation functions compared with the existing version, adds superimposition with the latest AI technology and applies more advanced AI functions to predict treatment results.

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