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Leadership in 3D printing: Academy for Dental 3D Printing introduced at IDS

Dr George Freedman is the founder of the International Academy for Dental 3D Printing. (Image: Robert Strehler)

Wed. 15. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: Today, Dental Tribune International hosted the founding meeting of the International Academy for Dental 3D Printing (iad3Dp). The goal of the new organisation is to create an open forum for free discussions and presentations of new ideas in the domain of additive manufacturing in dentistry.

Guest had the opportunity to read the latest issue of the 3D printing magazine. (Image: Robert Strehler)

The rapid uptake and acceptance of 3D-printing technologies in a wide range of dental procedures indicated the need for an organisational structure to assist in the development of manufacturing, laboratory and clinical standards and to begin the formulation of a comprehensive educational platform that could serve to train dentists and technicians worldwide. The iad3Dp was founded on the initiative of Dr George Freedman, editor-in-chief of the 3D printing―international magazine of dental printing technology and members of the editorial board of the magazine.

The organisational model includes an affordable, open membership that covers the following crucial ranges of expertise: hardware experts, software experts, technicians and dental professionals. The iad3Dp has already developed ties with academic institutions as partners for symposia, research and professional collaboration. The newly established academy has also contacted individuals and companies with an interest in this rapidly developing area of dentistry.

“Since dental 3D printing is so innovative, so promising and so disruptive, it demands a platform that engages open minds and imaginative spirits and empowers science-based risk-takers who will challenge conventional wisdom and established practice. Thus, it was essential that a new organisation, one that is dedicated solely and exclusively to dental 3D printing be convened,” Dr Freedman said. “The iad3Dp is an organisation that offers an open forum for free discussions and timely presentations of new ideas, even if they seem far-fetched,” he added.

More information about the academy can be found at


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