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PrograPrint: Ivoclar Vivadent presents new 3-D printing system for dental laboratories at IDS 2019

Ivoclar Vivadent is now showcasing an innovative 3-D printing system for dental technicians: PrograPrint. (Photograph: Robert Strehler, DTI)
Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent

Sat. 16. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: PrograPrint is a new 3-D printing system for use in dental technology. It is integrated into a validated workflow and comprises materials and equipment for printing, cleaning and postcuring. The printing system is a new addition to Ivoclar Vivadent’s digital portfolio and complements the PrograMill milling equipment excellently. It is being showcased at IDS 2019 for the first time.

The highly precise 3-D printer, PrograPrint PR5, is the heart of the system. The automatic material recognition and intuitive operation ensure a reliable process for printing objects. The specially developed homogeneous light processing technology facilitates an even light output. The results have a high level of precision.

The extremely user-friendly printer has been specially designed for dental requirements. For example, it can be used to print models and splints. A notable feature is the specifically developed cartridge system. The cartridges enable easy, contactless handling of the materials. They also protect the materials against polymerisation caused by ambient light during storage. The printed objects are cleaned with the efficient PrograPrint Clean cleaning device. Postcuring is carried out with the universal PrograPrint Cure, which completes the production of the 3-D object.

The new 3-D printer provides a selection of light-cured materials for a wide range of applications:

  • ProArt Print Wax burns out without leaving any residue. This material is particularly suitable for the production of objects to be pressed or cast, such as crowns and wide-span bridges, and for model casting procedures.
  • ProArt Print Model is an opaque beige material which has similar contrast qualities to plaster. This material is suitable for the production of high-precision models that feature excellent dimensional stability—for example, models with removable dies and implant models, as well as models for the fabrication of vacuum-formed splints.
  • ProArt Print Splint is a highly transparent material with very good physical properties for the precise production of drilling templates and occlusal splints. It can also be used to produce a try-in base for fixed and removable prostheses, in particular for Digital Denture.

To try out the new PrograPrint system, visitors to IDS are welcome to come by the company’s booth (#A20–D39) in Hall 11.3.

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