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Pearl’s artificial intelligence solutions are coming to Europe

Pearl has announced that its clinical management artificial intelligence program will soon be available in the European market. (Image: Yurchanka Siarhei/Shutterstock)

Tue. 28. March 2023


LOS ANGELES, US/COLOGNE, Germany: Artificial intelligence (AI) software creator Pearl announced during the 2023 International Dental Show that it would be bringing its Practice Intelligence AI solution to Europe in the near future. The Practice Intelligence software uses dental radiographs and treatment data of a practice’s patient population to offer actionable insights in addition to an array of reporting tools and performance analytics.

Dr Kyle Stanley, chief clinical officer at Pearl, shared in a press release that Practice Intelligence supports clinicians in many areas of their work: “Practice Intelligence delivers unrivalled insights into population-wide patient health and treatment trends, accuracy of clinical findings and optimised workflows. Expanding support for Practice Intelligence to Europe will give European dentists the benefits of the most complete clinical AI toolset in dentistry and is a testament to Pearl’s commitment to accelerating the global adoption of AI-backed dental care”. The software has received US Food and Drug Administration clearance.

Practice Intelligence improves clinical productivity and performance by analysing and optimising existing dental practice operations. CEO of Pearl Ophir Tanz commented, “In bringing the full breadth of AI’s capabilities and benefits to more dental practices around the world, we proudly continue to serve our mission of revolutionising the standard of dental care on a global scale.”

The announcement of international expansion of Practice Intelligence follows the global success of Pearl’s real-time pathology detection software, Second Opinion. In 2021, it received clearance as an assistive tool for use in dental radiology from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration and New Zealand’s Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority.

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