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Efficiency and versatility—pioneer in graphene nanotechnology in dentistry to exhibit at IDS

Graphene-based dental prostheses have greater strength, structural stability and flexibility than prostheses made from conventional materials, which in turn makes them much more ductile. (Video: Graphenano Dental)
Graphenano Dental

Graphenano Dental

Tue. 24. August 2021


PATERNA, Spain: Graphenano Dental is part of the Graphenano group of companies, dedicated to incorporating graphene into numerous applications and a leader in industrial scale production of different types of graphenes and other nanostructures. During IDS 2021, dental professionals will have the opportunity to learn more about the company’s products and its graphene nano-reinforced biopolymer G-CAM disc in particular.

For Graphenano Dental, versatility involves biomechanical adaptation, the diverse range of treatment options and the sustainable well-being of the patient. As the dental industry operates in a very sensitive and demanding environment, the company is dedicated to backing up the development of its innovative materials with scientific findings from intensive research.

Owing to the special properties of carbon and its geometric atomical structure, completely new possibilities for innovative and needs-oriented solution developments in the dental industry arose in the recent past. With the aim of producing sustainable and biocompatible materials that reduce manufacturing costs and workload, Graphenano Dental launched its first commercialised product, G-CAM, with improved mechanical, chemical and biological properties. G-CAM bears a CE mark and is now available in more than 40 countries.

G-Print, the first graphene-enriched material for 3D-printing high-quality working models with special properties, is now following in its footsteps. G-Print allows dental professionals to obtain sustainable working models with perfect mechanical properties for precise adaptations and at an incredible printing speed. This makes it one of the most groundbreaking dental materials of our time.

IDS attendees are invited to visit Graphenano Dental’s booth (H040–J041, Hall 3.1) in September.

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