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Septodont and Immersify Education partner to enhance dental studies

Septodont and Immersify Education have developed a new educational module that enables dental students, educators and specialists to explore key topics, such as the use of Biodentine XP. (Image: Septodont/Immersify Education)

SAINT-MAUR DES FOSSÉS, France: Septodont, a leader in dental pain management, has entered into a new partnership with Immersify Education. Aiming to enhance dental education through the use of advanced interactive technology, the two companies have teamed up to develop a new module for the Immersify platform that focuses on dentine restoration techniques.

Immersify Education and Septodont exhibited together at IDS 2023. (Image: Septodont/Immersify Education)

Immersify told Dental Tribune International (DTI) that the new content broadens the platform’s integration of modern dental concepts and professional practice, enabling dental students, educators and specialists to explore key topics, including general dental materials, calcium silicate-based materials and the use of Biodentine XP, Septodont’s new dentine restoration system.

Immersify explained: “This will be possible via a series of lessons that cover the theoretical elements and a bespoke simulation experience that involves the practical element. For this last component, Immersify users will be presented with different scenarios that include direct pulp capping and pulpotomy.”

The partnership was officially launched during the 40th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne in Germany in March, where gamified clinical cases were demonstrated using 3D simulation technology. According to Septodont, the partnership was a natural progression, given that the two companies have the same objective, that of fostering dental education.

Chloe Barrett, founder and CEO at Immersify Education, commented: “Septodont was one of the first companies that collaborated with us, and we are excited about the impact that our continuing partnership will have on dental education. To be able to work with the company once again and expand the scope of our collaboration is really positive for us. It aligns perfectly with our own goals and helps us to continue developing the best educational platform.”

“Dental students, educators and professionals must embrace cutting-edge tools”

The Immersify platform makes use of interactive experiences, visuals, multiple-choice questions and real-world simulations, enabling users to apply their skills in a secure setting. It has amassed an engaged user base owing to its innovative use of immersive digital technology to bridge the gap between theory and practice. On the platform, for example, users can experience the full procedure of a direct pulp capping with Biodentine XP, from mixing the cartridge to measuring how deeply to excavate, and applying the restorative material into the cavity. The company said that, as dentistry becomes more digitalised, dental students, educators and professionals must embrace cutting-edge tools. “By boosting engagement and information recall, Immersify results in better academic outcomes and cultivates competent professionals, prepared to tackle real-world challenges with confidence,” the company told DTI.

Recent figures show that dental students are eager learners who seek out additional resources that are increasingly digital. Subscriber Acquisition Research found this year that 79% of dental students look for interactive lessons and tutorials and that 52% search for virtual or augmented reality simulations.

“Dental education can be challenging, and the modern learner needs access to resources that can provide a holistic approach to his or her educational process,” Immersify Education concluded.


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