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Upcoming IDS puts emphasis on technology and teamwork

For the 2019 IDS, the organisers are focusing on new technology in relation to collaboration between dentists and dental technicians. (Photograph: IDS Cologne)

Thu. 6. September 2018


COLOGNE, Germany: Over the past 20 years, dentists and dental technicians have experienced the new possibilities continually being created by digitalisation. The key to success in exploiting these innovations has been and will continue to be the interaction between the members of the treating team. In this regard, the International Dental Show (IDS), which will take place from 12 to 16 March 2019 in Cologne, will offer comprehensive concepts, valuable tips and stimulating discussions.

The particular excitement of dentistry lies in the unique combination of medical, technological and aesthetic aspects in the discipline. The day-to-day work has become more diversified and sometimes challenging over the past decades, both in the practice and in the dental technician’s laboratory, owing to multifaceted requirements. A particularly effective means of meeting these demands has been the intensification of collaboration between dentists and dental technicians.

The conditions for collaboration are better than ever, because digitalisation allows spatial and time limits to be overcome. Radiographs, model scans, and a wide range of different working and planning documents can be produced in the practice and the laboratory within seconds for evaluation and discussion purposes. At the same time, overlapping digital workflows in more and more areas are increasingly facilitating cooperation between dental professionals.

The sheer number of options and thus possible combinations is increasing further in terms of both materials and production. Especially in the case of digitally aided manufacture, 3-D printing is expanding the choices and opening up new possibilities for teamwork between dentists and dental technicians. The specific realisation of this depends on the practice’s clientele, the existing equipment, and the personalities and individual approach of the dental professionals concerned.

“The International Dental Show will comprehensively present the current state of development of materials and processing methods, as well as new opportunities for optimal collaboration between the dentist and dental technician,” said Dr Markus Heibach, Executive Director of the Association of the German Dental Industry. “At IDS, digital systems, planning tools, and different production options and their application within the team can be experienced first-hand and in a diversity that cannot be found anywhere else. My tip to all visitors is to talk to your dental technician or dentist in advance and visit the International Dental Show as a team!”

IDS takes place in Cologne every two years and is organised by the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Dental-Industrie, the commercial enterprise of the Association of the German Dental Industry, and staged by Koelnmesse.

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