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What impact is all that noise having on your hearing?

QuietOn active noise-cancelling earplugs reduce harmful noise levels, but enable communication. (Photograph: QuietOn)


Wed. 13. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: Dental professionals are exposed to constant dental noise from several sources. Various studies show evidence of the hearing damage caused by dental noise. And yet, this problem is often ignored, simply because we tend to get used to these noises. But the damaging effects remain.

The QuietOn earplug is a certified smart hearing protector device (EN 352) from Finland. The built-in microphone “listens” to the noise and a speaker generates a phase-shifted sound cancelling the original sound. QuietOn performs best for low- and high-frequency sound generated, for example, by suction or an ultrasonic scaler. Human speech is of mid-frequency level, where the reduction level is lower, and it is therefore possible to communicate with patients and staff while wearing the earplugs.

QuietOn earplugs are ready to use with a very long battery life: 50 hours on a single charge. Recharging takes 1 hour in a practical charging case. The earplugs have no wires and no settings. The only requirement is to recognise the distinction between left and right and to position them correctly in the ear. Replaceable ear tips of different sizes offer various options for different ear anatomies.

If you want to prevent hearing damage, decrease noise-related stress and improve your own and your patients’ well-being, it is worthwhile to get to know QuietOn. Now for the first time exhibiting at IDS where you may test these smart earplugs on-site. Want to hear more ... or less? Visit QuietOn’s booth (#B074 in Hall 2.2).

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