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Amann Girrbach continues to impress

The Ceramill Mikro 5X is part of the Ceramill DNA Generation launched by Amann Girrbach in November 2016. (Photograph: Amann Girrbach)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 29. March 2017


COLOGNE, Germany: In front of a sizeable crowd on 22 March, Austria-based company Amann Girrbach held an informative presentation at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne. The company took the opportunity to highlight its continuing success as a manufacturer of innovative CAD/CAM equipment and materials.

Formed in 2004 through a merger of two companies, Amann Girrbach has quickly become a pioneer in dental technology, with a number of new products introduced in just the last year. The Ceramill DNA Generation, launched in November 2016, has revolutionised CAD/CAM processing through its unique carving mode, which can reduce the time needed to mill materials such as glass-ceramics and hybrid ceramics by up to 60 per cent. In addition to this, the Ceramill Mikro IC and Ceramill Motion 2 units have been equipped with a spindle designed for carving mode. “This power is nothing without control, however,” Christian Ermer, Head of Product Management at Amann Girrbach, informed the audience. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have the best system; you need a system that is safe and reliable and meets your aesthetic demands.”

The presentation also discussed the recent growth in sales of the company’s CAD/CAM equipment and consumables. This demand has led Amann Girrbach to build a second assembly site that will be fully operational by the end of this month. Dominik Batlogg, head of operations, spoke with pride regarding how quickly this site was developed. “Lean manufacturing was one of the core principles of our planning,” he said. “We think in terms of processes, and we have applied that thinking to our new site with fantastic results.”

“We now have the highest quality equipment that is widely available, ultra-modern, and that allows for intelligent solutions for dental professionals,” Batlogg added.

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