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BRILLIANT filling materials: The perfect solution for efficient and aesthetic restorations

COLTENE is showcasing its BRILLIANT line, including the new BRILLIANT Bulk Fill Flow, at IDS 2023. (Image: DTI)


Sat. 18. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: When it comes to dental restorations, efficiency and aesthetics are two crucial factors that must be taken into consideration. With the BRILLIANT filling materials from COLTENE, dentists have access to a range of solutions that address both of these necessities.

BRILLIANT filling materials offer an ideal solution for efficient and aesthetic restorations. (Image: DTI)

One of the standout products in the BRILLIANT line is the new BRILLIANT Bulk Fill Flow. This flowable bulk fill composite is designed to be easy to process, polymerising fully in just 20 seconds at depths of up to 4 mm. However, the benefits of the product go beyond polymerisation depth. Thanks to its high abrasion resistance, this material offers durability, eliminating the need for a covering layer to maintain stability over time. Additionally, the material’s excellent surface wettability and flowability make it easy to achieve optimal adhesion to bonded cavity walls, ensuring a strong and long-lasting restoration.

In situations where aesthetics is a priority, dentists can turn to the BRILLIANT EverGlow universal or flowable composite. This versatile material offers a range of colours and excellent gloss properties, allowing for beautiful, natural-looking restorations that seamlessly blend in with the surrounding teeth. Like BRILLIANT Bulk Fill Flow, BRILLIANT EverGlow is easy to handle and process, making it a great choice for dentists.

The BRILLIANT filling materials are backed by COLTENE’s commitment to quality and innovation. The company has a long history of developing cutting-edge dental materials and the BRILLIANT line is no exception. With these products, dentists can be confident that they are using materials that have been thoroughly tested and proved to deliver excellent results.

In summary, the BRILLIANT filling materials offer an ideal solution for efficient and aesthetic restorations. With excellent durability and a range of aesthetic options, these materials are a great choice for dental practices that are looking to streamline their workflows and deliver high-quality care to their patients. They embody the motto of “As easy as you want, as beautiful as you desire”.

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