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Formlabs launches new solutions at IDS

President of Healthcare at Formlabs, Guillaume Bailliard. (Image: DTI)

Thu. 16. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: According to 3D-printing specialist Formlabs, its nimble 3D-printing solutions reduce costs and increase efficiency. At IDS 2023, the company has introduced a bundle of new products for the dental industry.

Formlabs introduced new products at IDS 2023 that aim to help dental laboratories and clinics to reduce costs and increase production. (Image: DTI)

Covering the areas of materials and software, the new solutions have been specifically designed to make digital dentistry more accessible and efficient and to enable dental laboratories and clinics to reduce costs and increase production efficiency while maintaining high print quality. As President of Healthcare Guillaume Bailliard said at the company’s IDS press conference yesterday: “Speed is important, as long as there are no compromises on quality. At Formlabs, we are able to provide both.”

Bailliard introduced three of the new products to users and industry press at the well-attended event. The first of these was the new Fast Arch Printing solution, which enables users to go from design to print two times faster than current settings. With it, users can deliver a retainer in less than 30 minutes. He also introduced Fast Cure, which has been validated to polymerise more than 17 resins in under 6 minutes, saving 90% of polymerisation time. Using Fast Cure, the polymerisation of dental models takes just 1 minute, and crowns, bridges and surgical guides can be polymerised in 5 minutes. The third product he introduced was the new workspace software PreForm Dental. It streamlines 3D-printing set-up, management and monitoring, enabling users to click less to do more by automating the print set-up for restorative models, occlusal guards and more.

Bernhard von Oppeln-Bronikowski, a Formlabs dental solutions engineer based in Berlin in German, demonstrated a recent milestone in the company’s development of automation solutions for dentistry: the new Dental Automation Ecosystem. The system allows customers to streamline and sustainably increase their production. According to Bailliard: “This is a system that is nimble and provides users with the ability to scale their business without complications.”

Visit Formlabs at IDS (Hall 3.1, Booth J030–K039) to discover the new products.

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