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IDS 2023 to place strong focus on periodontics

The upcoming IDS will be held at the Koelnmesse trade fair grounds in Cologne in Germany and will mark the 100th anniversary of the event. (Image: Koelnmesse)

COLOGNE, Germany: The 40th International Dental Show (IDS) is fast approaching. From 14 to 18 March 2023, the event will welcome more than 850 companies from over 50 countries at the Koelnmesse trade fair grounds in Cologne. This time, the focus will be on periodontics, particularly with regard to the treatment guideline developed by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and the connection between oral health and general health.

IDS offers a great platform for professional exchange on topics that are relevant to the dental industry and dental professionals. The focal point of the upcoming event will be the significance of systematic periodontal therapy and prophylaxis and the importance of involving the dental patient in all four therapy stages—topics that are also highlighted in the EFP guideline. Other related subjects include home oral care, diabetes management and smoking cessation.

Periodontitis has been associated with rheumatism, adverse cardiovascular events, stroke and chronic respiratory disease, among others. The COVID-19 pandemic has produced even stronger evidence on the link between oral health and general health. It has been established that thorough periodontal therapy and prophylaxis can help prevent a severe case of COVID-19. For example, a mouthwash has been developed that, according to research, can reduce the SARS-CoV-2 viral load in the mouth by 71% after only a single rinse, thus helping the immune system to fight infection.

During IDS, speakers will also discuss methods to remove plaque and calculus in periodontitis and peri-implantitis patients in the dental practice. These include manual tools, ultrasonic systems and airflow devices. According to the EFP clinical practice guideline, advanced periodontitis cases might require soft-tissue surgery.

The differentiated approaches demonstrate how individualised development and performance of therapy and prophylaxis for periodontitis and peri-implantitis patients have become, Mark Stephen Pace, chairman of the board of directors of the Association of the German Dental Industry—which organises IDS—said in a press release.

“Since the respective measures have an impact on much more than the mouth, going to the dentist is an essential element in a comprehensive prevention strategy. As the leading trade fair of the dental industry, IDS 2023 offers the ideal opportunity to inform oneself about current concepts and tools for successful and efficient dental care and to engage in an exchange with [other] professionals,” he commented.

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