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Three products you can discover at the VOCO booth

Product demonstration of the VisCalor composite. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

COLOGNE, Germany: Dental Tribune International spoke with Dr Axel Bernecker, head of marketing at VOCO, to find out which new products and developments are being presented at the company’s booth for visitors to IDS to discover. VOCO’s extensive booth (N010–O019 & N020–O021) is located in Hall 10.2.

Dr Bernecker, VOCO has now launched a new composite on the market. Can you tell us a little more about it?
At IDS, we are concentrating on our new VisCalor product. It is the first composite in the world to feature thermally controlled viscosity behaviour. At the last IDS, we presented VisCalor bulk, so we are now expanding our product range. It is available in various VITA shades, allowing the dental professional to carry out aesthetic restorations in the anterior and posterior regions, in addition to performing bulk filling, with the material. 

In recent years, VOCO has been working to expand its digital portfolio. What’s new now? 
This year, we are presenting CediTEC DT. This is a system for digitally manufacturing partial and complete prostheses. The individual components can be 3D-printed or milled, depending on the equipment available at the practice. 

What about 3D-printing materials? 
In this area, we are continuing to work on our open system; that is, our products are continuously being validated on printers from other manufacturers.  

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