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A game-changer: RAYSCAN Studio, a five-in-one CBCT imaging solution

Ray's RAYSCAN Studio is a five-in-one CBCT imaging solution. (Photograph: Ray)


Tue. 12. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: Over the past decade, there have been tremendous efforts in the dental industry to move towards digital dentistry. Now, the era of digital dentistry has finally arrived. New technologies have been introduced to dental clinics and laboratories, and many digital products are now on the market. However, using this digital technology still requires a significant amount of financial investment, as different digital products need to be purchased. Moreover, there can still be difficulties in effectively and efficiently utilising these digital products, even after training courses and practice. For this reason, Ray presents RAYSCAN Studio, a simplified digital solution.

RAYSCAN Studio, a five-in-one CBCT imaging solution, is equipped to provide all that you need for your digital workflow in one single system. It allows users to capture panoramic, cephalometric, CBCT, 3-D face and 3-D impression scans using just one machine. RAYSCAN Studio is a unique CBCT imaging unit that integrates CBCT, 3-D face and 3-D intra-oral scan data into one perfectly combined record for better and more predictable treatment planning. The superimposition of all 3-D scan data and the creation of the 3-D virtual patient are thus made easier and more precise than ever before with RAYSCAN Studio.

There is no limit to your digital analysis once you have a 3-D virtual patient. Dental professionals can perform predictable, safe and patient-centred treatment planning with Ray’s dental CAD software. It can be used for the treatment planning and design of implant surgery and for prostheses. Digital oral design, along with orthodontic analysis with a virtual articulator, is also made possible with RAYSCAN Studio.

RAYDENT Studio, a dental 3-D printer with CAD software, is also seamlessly integrated into the digital workflow for the in-clinic production of restorations, surgical guides and so on. With RAYDENT Studio, dental professionals can produce dental appliances in a timely and accurate manner.

Both RAYSCAN Studio and RAYDENT Studio make the dental professional more powerful and versatile in daily practice. The data scanned from the CBCT imaging unit is transferred to the 3-D printing system for the rapid production of dental appliances in the office, which allows the dental professional to deliver the best quality patient care timeously and at an optimal price.

Ray is exhibiting RAYSCAN Studio and RAYDENT Studio at IDS 2019. Visit the company’s stand (Hall 4.2, Booth G019), where the team at Ray will be on hand to answer any questions and demonstrate the latest innovations.

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