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dental bauer presents its new design world at IDS 2019

The exclusive “bluemarina” dental line is aimed at those who appreciate sharing the experience of the aesthetics of individual design with their patients and would like to distinguish their practices. (Photograph: OEMUS MEDIA)


Sat. 16. March 2019


COLOGNE, Germany: Each year, annual design awards have recognised dental bauer’s outstanding creative contributions to innovative practice design. This decades-old divison has now been given a new name: DESIGN CONCEPT. As a symbolic example of a range of themes on offer, “bluemarina” is an exclusive maritime-themed range which consists of an elegant treatment unit with matching furnishings.

Both elements of the concept were inspired by the legendary Riva Yacht and the associated carefree lifestyle on the Mediterranean coasts of Europe in the sixties. The Mediterranean dolce vita flair is combined with patient comfort and functionality, hygienic and technical standards all made in Germany, as well as stylish exclusivity.

The treatment unit inspires with its detail-rich, timeless elegance in combination with state-of-the-art modern technology. The ergonomic shape, the comfortable soft padding with its aesthetic stitching and all-round upholstery piping, and the premium mahogany and maple wood armrests all perfectly match the special maritime colour livery of pure white, pearl night blue and turquoise. If the customer desires, other colour combinations are also possible. Chrome elements add further highlights to the yacht look. A light-hearted gimmick is an optional motorboat sound when the reclining position is adjusted.

White body, blue stripes, rosewood and stainless steel—the yacht design of the “bluemarina” treatment unit seamlessly integrates with that of its furniture system. The fronts and the worktops not only inspire with their maritime design features, but also functionally fulfil all of the hygienic requirements of a modern dental practice. The nautical look in form and fabric is finished with recessed LED lights in high-gloss varnished wood.

The new design world from dental bauer presents a revolutionary product for dentistry, underlining the company’s passion for transforming the individual design dreams of its customers into reality. Presented well on schedule at IDS, “bluemarina” can be ordered as a limited edition from April onwards.

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