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DLyte by GPAINNOVA: Revolutionising polishing solutions for dental laboratories

GPAINNOVA is currently exhibiting at Booth D019 in Hall 2.2 at IDS. (Image: GPAINNOVA)


Thu. 16. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: GPAINNOVA, a leading technology business group specialising in metal surface finishing, is currently exhibiting its latest solutions under the DLyte brand at the 2023 International Dental Show (IDS). Aimed specifically at dental laboratories, these cutting-edge solutions increase efficiency, reduce costs and enable the treatment of titanium alloys with remarkable ease.

IDS visitors will be able to discover the innovative features of DLyte, including a new electropolishing process, a highly effective gel electrolyte and advanced machinery that has been completely redesigned to deliver improved results. DLyte is also presenting new polishing solutions designed to enhance efficiency, save resources and enable treatment of titanium alloys without effort.

One of the key solutions on offer is a more efficient and cost-effective way to polish titanium dental parts. This is the material of choice for many dentists owing to its biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties and has been traditionally considered a difficult material to machine. Despite this, GPAINNOVA’s experts have overcome this challenge with an innovative process based on dry electropolishing. This system removes material from the metal surface by ion transport, using a non-electrically conductive liquid that acts as a media carrier, while protecting titanium during the process from the oxygen present in the air. As a result, technicians can achieve high-gloss finishing, geometry preservation, uniformity and repeatability at the lowest cost per piece and with minimal material removal.

Furthermore, DLyte is showcasing its new gel electrolyte for an even brighter finish. In just 5–10 minutes, dental laboratories will be able to achieve mirror finishing of removable partial dentures. The electrolytic gel does not damage the geometry of metal parts and provides superior brightness.

DLyte recently released new fixing systems and parameters which increase existing equipment productivity by a factor of three. This solution increases the capacity per cycle significantly and reduces the processing time for DLyte Desktop, DLyte 1, DLyte 10 and DLyte 100.

Crowns and bridges can also be automatically polished with DLyte. With this new solution, dental laboratories can process all types of metal dental parts all in one machine. This increases the versatility of the equipment for dental laboratories producing crowns, bridges, bars and frameworks.

GPAINNOVA is participating in IDS 2023 to present its new technology and to engage with its current and prospective customers on their needs. Also, all visitors to the company’s booth can have their own samples polished free and take part in a raffle for special prizes.

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