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“Enjoy. Product. Experience.”

March 16, 2019

Marian Schmitz, Global Marketing Manager at Sagemax, answers OEMUS MEDIA’s questions regarding the innovations of the American manufacturer.

Mr Schmitz, what is new at Sagemax in the context of this year’s IDS?
New on the occasion of IDS is mainly our new brand identity and new corporate design, paired with the product launch of NexxZr+ Multi. The new zirconia from Sagemax Bioceramics has both an integrated colour gradient and a translucency gradient. Another product launch is the colouring liquids for NexxZr T. NexxZr T has been our top product for many years and has proven itself on the market. This zirconia disc has already won two consecutive DENTAL ADVISOR awards in the aesthetic zirconia category on the basis of long-term clinical studies that proved its aesthetic results. Another highlight is our new web shop. This is integrated into our website and makes it possible for orders to be placed throughout Europe now. The intuitive user interface and modern design make shopping a pleasant experience.

How have trade visitors responded to your new brand image and new products?
The brand appearance itself is completely new to many visitors and has been very popular with customers. We have tried to create a good mix between Sagemax’s roots in the south of Seattle and a modern design with actual images from the laboratory. The feedback so far has been very positive.

The new products have also been very well received, especially NexxZr+ Multi of course. Many laboratories have been waiting for it for a long time and now we can finally offer this product. We are very proud of it.

What else can we expect from Sagemax this year?
We are extending the colour range of NexxZr+ Multi. For the market launch, we are offering seven colours, with four different geometries and two thicknesses. In the next step, we will expand this colour spectrum to a total of 16 colours. Thus, we will then be able to cover the complete range of A to D shades. Furthermore, we intend to supply dental technicians with zirconia products that make finishing a little easier, but I think we will be able to say more about this by mid-year.

Do you have any concluding remarks?
Our new slogan is “Enjoy. Product. Experience.” and that is precisely what we would like to realise this week. We want to demonstrate our approachability. Everybody is welcome to discover our products over a cup of coffee and come discuss in detail the many restorations we are showcasing here.

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