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MegaGen’s AnyRidge—new global standards for implant design

The South Korean implant manufacturer MegaGen provides a range of innovative solutions for dental specialists across the world. (Image: Dental Tribune International)


Wed. 15. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: As the name suggests, MegaGen’s AnyRidge implant system can be used for any implant case. Clinical results show that its benefits, however, are particularly significant in cases with immediate or early loading—even in situations with compromised bone density. AnyRidge and other MegaGen produtcs are currently on display at the International Dental Show.

AnyRidge implant. (Image: MegaGen)

AnyRidge allows dentists to offer patients new smiles faster than ever. It facilitates the preservation of cortical bone, promotes strong osseointegration faster, permits stability from day one and offers an incredible implant–prosthetic connection with a fantastic soft-tissue response. 

A new addition to the AnyRidge family

Despite the growing body of clinical evidence that demonstrates the benefits of the AnyRidge implant system for both dentists and patients, some clinicians may still hesitate to adopt it, as their habitual use of different implants and standard techniques can make them unwilling to try something so different. This is why MegaGen has introduced the latest member of the AnyRidge family: BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT. 

Though it has a slightly different implant body shape and connection, BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT still incorporates many of the key features of AnyRidge. It offers a simple solution for clinicians wishing to offer the best for their patients without making massive changes to their surgical protocols. 

Stronger than any other implant

BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT is made of pure medical-grade titanium that is backed by more than 20 years of clinical evidence demonstrating its biocompatibility. It is designed to create less bone stress and, by offering a 200% increase in compressive strength, prioritises the implant’s long-term mechanical stability. 

High initial stability for immediate placement

BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT’s unique KnifeThread design allows for superior initial stability in situations with compromised bone. Combined with different thread depth options, this enables easy implant placement with good primary stability in all bone densities. BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT is also available with various fixture diameters for all sizes of teeth, enabling it to be placed even in larger osteotomy sockets. 


Accurate positioning and excellent prosthetic connection

Devised from architectural principles, the arch-type keystone that forms BLUEDIAMOND IMPLANT’s X-FIT connection improves long-term mechanical stability while delivering high levels of resistance to external compressive forces, such as mastication, by excellently dispersing stress. 

Furthermore, the abutment can be precisely rotated in 45° increments, allowing for accurate positioning, particularly when using an angled abutment. In this way, it reduces unnecessary chair time through a prosthetic design that minimises screw loosening. 

RC-BASE delivers aesthetics and function

The prosthetic line-up of AnyRidge includes a variety of sizes to satisfy all clinical needs such as overdentures, All-on-4, digital prosthetics and general prosthetics. To secure the aesthetic results needed for implants in the anterior zone, the RC-BASE abutment has been made available as a prosthetic component in the AnyRidge implant system. 

The RC-BASE possesses an angled tool channel, which allows for the position of the screw hole in the anterior zone to be changed if necessary. Its innovative double-pitch screw is designed to minimise sinking down by employing the screw’s thread as a stopper, which also prevents screw loosening and the cold-welding phenomenon that can occur between fixture and abutment.

IDS visitors can learn more anbout MegaGen’s range of implant solutions at the company's booth (#K070) in Hall 4.2.

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