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Interview: “Our goal is to support patients with our implant solutions worldwide”

Sidival Dias, Director of the Brazilian company Titaniumfix at IDS 2019. (Photograph: DTI)

Thu. 14. March 2019


Brazilian company Titaniumfix was founded in 1995 and develops, manufactures and sells dental implants, surgical instruments and prosthetic components. Dental Tribune International met with Sidival Dias, Director of Titaniumfix, at IDS 2019 to discuss the newest products and the future plans of the company.

Are you launching any new products at this year’s IDS? If so, could you tell us about the benefits of these new products?
At IDS, we are presenting a new implant, the b-fix profile, with a 3 mm diameter and a conical shape. Owing to its form, this implant is particularly suitable for situations with limited space. We provide implants and their prosthetic components in 10.0 mm, 11.5 mm, 13.0 mm and 15.0 mm lengths. Because of its conical shape, the b-fix profile offers a higher primary stability, greater osseointegration of the titanium implant and longevity.

We are also showcasing a new guided surgery system, the Guide-fix, which is very easy to use. Dental professionals are provided with a logical sequence of steps which they can easily follow during surgery.

The dental implant market is continuously changing. How do you remain competitive and continue to meet dentists’ and customers’ needs?
We have been in business for 24 years and we have been growing steadily and creating a lot of innovations during this time. We ensure that our products are of a reliable quality and an affordable price and that we provide a great service both to the clients who buy our products and to their patients. So far, we have sold eight million implants on the Latin American market, and we are proud to say that our implants have a success rate of 97 per cent.

The intention is that our products should be globally applicable. Our goal is to support patients with our implant solutions worldwide. We invite visitors to IDS to come by our booth (#A058) in Hall 11.3.

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