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Solvay launches unique dental line at IDS

Shawn Shorrock, Global Director of Solvay Dental 360 (Photograph: Dental Tribune International)

Wed. 22. March 2017


COLOGNE, Germany: With the new Solvay Dental 360 dental line on display at IDS this week, international chemical and advanced materials company Solvay is entering into the area of medical devices, building on its world-leading portfolio of high-performance polymers. The new line spans from an innovative material to replace metal in removable partial denture frames to enabling a digital workflow that accelerates the work of dental laboratories and dentists.

Part of Solvay Dental 360, the new Ultaire AKP polymer was specifically developed to meet critical performance requirements for dental applications. While removable partial denture frames are typically made of metal, the high-performance Ultaire AKP allows for the fabrication of metal-free, biocompatible, more comfortable, natural-looking frames from the company’s Dentivera milling disc. These frames are over 60 per cent lighter than conventional metal frames.

“In contrast to fixed dental restorations, which have seen rapid development, the way partial dentures are produced has not changed significantly over the past decade. However, these restorative means are still widely used and we believe that, with the launch of this high-performance polymer and Solvay Dental 360, we will bring about tremendous improvement in this neglected area,” Shawn Shorrock, Global Director of Solvay Dental 360, told Dental Tribune Online at IDS.

“We are looking forward to expanding the availability of Ultaire AKP for use in removable partial dentures around the globe,” Shorrock stated. “Ultaire AKP provides a previously unattainable level of comfort, performance and aesthetics for removable partial dentures, as well as a more streamlined digital workflow for the technicians and dentists working to provide a superior product and experience for their patients.”

Solvay’s overall portfolio covers more than 35 brands in more than 1,500 formulations. They are used in various areas of health care, including orthopaedics and cardiology.

To learn more about Ultaire AKP, visitors to IDS can attend a number of product demonstrations at the company’s booth (A019) in Hall 2.2 or consult the website,

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