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Calling modern dentists: DirectEndodontics brings high-quality, cost-effective endodontic instruments to Europe

Endodontist Dr Charles J. Goodis is the founder of DerectEndodontics. (Image: DirectEndodontics)

Thu. 16. March 2023


COLOGNE, Germany: DirectEndodontics provides dynamic dental professionals based in Europe with locally made reciprocating and rotary instruments. The company’s products directly replace the instruments that dentists currently use without requiring them to change techniques, all at a fraction of the price.

Endodontist Dr Charles J. Goodis founded US-based EdgeEndo ten years ago, and the company is now one of the largest endodontic suppliers in the US, where it serves 5,000 endodontists and 35,000 general dentists. He was inspired to bring the same advantages to clinicians in Europe and so he founded DirectEndodontics to sell the company’s instruments directly to clinicians in Europe.

The instruments are designed to be a direct replacement of leading reciprocating and gold taper and rotary instruments, offering advanced designs that improve cutting efficiency and increase safety in order to provide the ideal flexibility required for perfect root canal therapy. DirectEndodontics helps clinicians to achieve their clinical, business and personal goals while enjoying the benefits of the best endodontic instruments.

Dr Goodis explained: “My goal is to bring you great European endodontic instruments, selling directly and at a fraction of the price, along with free shipping. I want DirectEndodontics to be a modern, fresh, digital, millennial and Gen X company working with you, the modern dentist.”

“We are not your dad’s old endodontic company which continues to live in the past, asking high prices, going through distributors and charging for shipping,” Dr Goodis emphasised. “Join us now and start benefiting from the amazing instruments!” he said.

Visit the company’s stand at IDS (Hall 4.1, Booth A015) or its website,, in order to discover the advantages of DirectEndodontics for yourself.

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